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Why Facebook Advertising Works

Facebook has given online advertising a facelift, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Facebook is much more proactive then many other online marketing channels, its advanced targeting options give us the power to laser focus our advertising like never possible before.

Your advertising campaigns will only ever be seen by those most suitable to your offering. This makes it possible for your business offering to be found by those who would have never known or seen it previously.

With Facebook’s 1.15 billion daily active users, it has become the largest growth opportunity in marketing since the birth of the internet.

Facebook Targeting

What makes Facebook special is it can show your ads to the most relevant users. This is made possible due to the incredible amount of information Facebook holds on each of its members such as:

  • Where you live, where you go
  • Age, gender and relationship status
  • Job title and employer
  • Education / qualifications
  • Likes / dislikes / interests
  • Who you follow and engage with

Now think about your ideal customer and the specific characteristics that make up their profile, we build profiles based on these details and then deliver adverts directly to only your ideal target audiences.

Facebook business page not needed!

Facbook advertising is not all about building ‘likes’ and followers of your Facebook business page. In-fact you don’t even need a Facebook business page, actually in most cases when your advert is clicked prospects are taken directly to your website where they can learn more about your offering and make an enquiry.

Facebook Ads gets in front of you leads and capture their interest.


Attract those leads and make them realise they need your offering.   Don’t wait for them to find you, take the initiative and let your brand and offer be seen.

Let your market recognise your brand and be reminded of it so that they get to trust you first and will think about you when they are ready to make the purchase.

Facebook makes it possible to target your market with a very specific demographic.  This type of advertising will be effective for those that Adwords can’t reach.  With these two combined your business will have the ultimate reach and sales potential.

Results You Can Get in Just About 5 Months


Increase in Product and Services Enquiry


Increase in Google Search Result Visibility


Increase in Number of Newsletter Sign Up


Increase in Conversion Rate

Have you also considered…

Google Adwords/Bing Ads

Managing PPC Adverts is not as simple as ABC. It takes specialisation and expertise to take full advantage of it.

With our 15+ years of doing Pay Per Click ads, you are confident that Springhill Marketing has the knowledge and experience to make your campaign a success.

Twitter Ads

Twitter users network thru brands and influencers.  The engagement is really fast paced so it provides very subtle advertising.

With our expertise in creating ad campaigns, we can direct your ads to the most relevant audience, giving you the best sales potential.

Linkedin Ads

Linkedin is well known for networking among professionals so if they are your target then this definitely is the place to be.

Contact our team and let us help you understand your Linkedin advertising options and how it can help your business.

How to choose the right PPC Partner?


It is very important that your PPC specialist have a lot of experience in creating PPC campaigns for many business and different type of markets and is able to adapt to your marketing requirements.


Always choose a PPC Specialist.  You may find web design or marketing companies which offers PPC services with the services they offer.  Most often, the work will be outsourced to a specialist company like us and you will then be paying more and will not have a direct communication with the actual people working on your campaigns.


Don’t use your marketing budget to someone who is yet to learn the trade. If they lack experience, they will use your PPC budget to learn how to gain from your business’ search opportunities.

Facebook Advertising

Learn more about how Facebook advertising can help to grow your business.  Contact our Springhill marketing today.

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