9 Aug, 2021

How to Build an Outstanding Content Marketing Strategy in 2024

Content Marketing Strategy

Having a great content marketing strategy is crucial to your SEO success, especially in 2024. Because search engines need web content to crawl and index your site, you should produce high-quality blog posts, articles, infographics, videos, and others consistently. This will enable you to engage your audience effectively and demonstrate your industry expertise and authority. 

Building a Content Marketing Plan

As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Therefore, to ensure that you’ll be able to create content that will help you stand out and dominate search rankings, you should plan your content strategy carefully. Here are the steps you should consider. 

1. Perform a content audit

Conducting a content audit can help you pinpoint the improvements you need to make to achieve your goals. With more than 70 million blog posts being published every month, you’d want to make sure that every piece of content you’ll produce will resonate with your audience. Otherwise, you’re only wasting your time and resources. 

To audit your content, the first thing you need to do is review everything posted on your site. Analyse all pertinent details, including your: 

  • Top-performing and least-performing posts
  • Publishing frequency
  • Focus keywords 

The more you understand your existing content strategy, the easier it is for you to develop quality content in the future. 

2. Identify your goals

Before you get down to publishing content, first, you must determine what you want to achieve. This will help guide your content creation process. When setting content marketing goals, ensure that they will contribute to your overall business goals. 

You might prefer the traditional SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) goal-setting framework. But if you want something more suitable for a fast-changing environment, you might want to consider the CLEAR framework. 

Based on this specific framework, your content marketing goals should be:

  • Collaborative – they facilitate teamwork.
  • Limited – they should be completed within a specific timeframe.
  • Emotional – they spur your team into action.
  • Appreciable – they can be broken down into smaller objectives.
  • Refinable – they can be adjusted depending on your needs or the situation. 

3. Know your audience

Knowing your audience is essential to developing a sound content marketing strategy. If you don’t know to whom you’re writing for, your message won’t be as effective. This is why it’s vital to have a clear picture of your target audience to craft a piece of web content they can relate to. 

To know your audience better, you have to understand what makes them tick. What is their lifestyle? What do they need? What keeps them up at night? Developing a buyer persona, or a representation of your ideal customer, can help you answer these questions. In return, this will help you create content that showcases how your business can help them when they are ready to buy from you. 

4. Create an editorial plan

Creating content consistently is not exactly a walk in the park. It requires time and effort to produce content that meets Google’s guidelines and piques your audience’s interest. To make sure that your time and effort won’t be wasted, you should have an editorial plan. 

An editorial plan can help you in two ways:

  1. Determine what to prioritise – through prioritisation, you can identify the most critical tasks that require your attention. This helps you protect your content strategy from potential failure. 
  2. Identify topics to write about – to get the best possible results, you’ll need to write about topics that are relevant and valuable to your audience. 

5. Plan your content production strategy

If you want a lasting relationship with your customers, you should develop content that supports every part of the customer journey. This is why you’ll need to plan your content production strategy before you get down to writing blog posts. 

  1. Awareness stage – content types that support this stage of the buyer’s journey are usually those about questions your audience may have as they become aware of their problem or need. 
  2. Consideration stage – on this stage, it’s a great idea to write content that will help your prospects understand why they need your help in overcoming their problem. 
  3. Decision stage – content pieces that usually support the decision stage of the customer’s journey are those that tell prospects why you are in the best position to help them. Excellent examples include case studies and customer reviews. 
  4. Retention stage – to support this stage, you should create content that tells your prospects how they will get the most out of your business. 

6. Identify how you will distribute your content

Finally, you should post content where your target customers are. This includes popular social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Having an active blog is also something you should consider. It will help improve your content’s visibility, boost your site’s SEO, and ensure the success of your content marketing strategy. 

High-Quality Content is Crucial to Your Online Success

Because high-quality content is an essential ingredient of SEO, you should take the time to plan your content strategy. With a solid strategy in place, not only will you improve your site’s search rankings, but you can also establish authority and convert more web visitors into customers. 

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