Small businesses are wasting their time and money on marketing
How to get a high online marketing ROI.

Small businesses are wasting so much time and money on marketing, and I guarantee your business is the same! We’ve seen countless examples of small businesses like yours wasting time and money on marketing because they aren’t getting a high or even breaking even with their marketing ROI.

In this video, I explain the pitfalls as well as how you can audit your own marketing activity and choose which marketing channels are going to work best for your business.

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Companies aren’t focusing on Marketing ROI

Okay so, I’ve got a bit of a rant, today. I want to talk about return on investment, and more importantly, why aren’t companies focusing on return on investment when it comes to their online marketing. This is serious. It’s incredible. When their considering their marketing plan and what they want to be doing, and the goals that they are putting in place, this is something that’s been considered early on in the process when they’re choosing providers who might be talking about return on investments and goals and objectives and putting together really solid marketing plan, but from that point onward, It seems right businesses let that go. They’ve made a commitment to the marketing channels that they’ve chosen and then it just keep going on forevermore plowing money in plowing time and effort into the marketing channels they’ve chosen, no matter what that might be, search engine optimisation, social advertising email marketing, posting on social media, direct mail, telemarketing, whatever it is, they’ve committed to it and they just keep plowing all of their time and efforts, and money into these channel’s, whilst they’re not providing the return on investment that is essential to help your business grow.

There’s zero point in spending money or time and effort in a marketing channel that’s not providing an ROI.

In marketing, there’s zero point in spending a penny, or, spending any time and effort in a marketing channel that’s not providing a positive return on investment. Now I am not saying getting in return on investment is easy, it’s not, but that has to be where your focus is. The plan has to be to spend a pound and get five pounds back, spend a dollar, get five dollars back. It’s really really important that, that is a focus for your marketing without it, it’s an absolute waste of time. and we see you this over and over, it’s constantly something that we come across when we speaking to clients and prospective clients for our business. That spending time money on things like email marketing that’s not providing a positive return on investment. They’re putting out an email newsletter, once a month or once a week, to release that’s not engaging. But they’re doing it because they know they need to be doing something. They want to be able to tick the box and say, but we know the email marketing is important, or we know that social media posting is important for our business, everybody is doing it. We want to be seen be actively communicating with our customers, our clients, our prospects, but they’re not focusing on the return on investment. The amount of companies that we speak to and we find out that they’re spending hours and hours writing post, or
they’re paying hundreds and hundreds of pounds to companies to produce content for their social media platforms, and then we find out that within a 12 month span, they’ve received, zero clients leads, or, a few client leads with very few turning into paying clients, or no sales, and it’s an absolute waste of time and money.

Do an audit of all of the sales, and client enquiries that you take on into your business.

So, sit back, give yourself 10 minutes consider the marketing channels and activities that you already engaged in. Figure out how much time and money your plowing into them on a monthly basis. Then do an audit of all of the sales, and client enquiries, and clients, paying clients that you take on into your business, over twelve month period, or six month period, or whatever it might be. And then calculate which of the marketing channels you are involved in are providing you the highest return on investment. get rid of all of those that are providing zero return on investment, or very low, or actually costing you a hell of a lot of money, and then double up on those that are providing you the highest return on investment, or take that time and money and invest it into another channel that you know is going to provide a higher return on investment, or you suspect, is gonna be providing you better results.

Marketing channels that provide the quickest return on investment are those that inherently have hotter prospects

So, time and time again we’ve seen that the marketing channels that provide the quickest return on investment are those that inherently have hotter prospects, actively involved within those marketing channels. So for instance, those people who are searching on Google have an intent to find a new provider, to find your business and your competitors, or somebody who is looking for a product, they’ll search on Google, they’ll search on one of other platforms or social media, and they’ll find somebody who is providing the results and the solutions that they require. So generally, it’s platforms such as Google, search engine optimisation, Google Adwords, paper click advertising, that are able to suck up those hottest prospects and give you the best return on investment. Give this a lot of consideration, do an audit of your current channel’s, or if you want to speak to myself or any of the team, get in contact with us, we’ll have a look at what you’re already investing in will help you to figure out which is providing the best return on investment. And then we can provide you with the plan moving forward, based on your business, and your goals and objectives for your business, and advise you on which channels should be the ones you you’re working with and investing in, on an ongoing basis. As ever, leave a message at the bottom of this video. Leave a comment. Contact us by our website, let us know what subjects you want to talk about on the next video and speech very soon. Thanks!

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