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The following are answers to questions we get asked all the time. If you have further questions please just ask and we’ll be happy to help.

What is PPC advertising?
PPC, or Pay Per Click Advertising, is a form of online marketing that allows companies to place adverts in search engines (Google, Bing etc), third party websites and social platforms. Advertisers only pay when somebody clicks on one of their ads, rather than paying every time your ad is shown like in traditional advertising.
Nobody clicks on ads, so why have them?
This is a pervasive myth, fueled by all the people who go around loudly claiming “I never click on ads!” Evidence proves that 20+% of all search engine clicks / visits go to sponsored adverts, and this number is still on the rise.
Won't my competitors just keep clicking on my ads to waste my click budget?
Don’t worry, all major PPC advertising platforms provide built-in click fraud protection. They protect you from unnatural clicks often detecting them before they ever reach your data or are taken from your click budget.
How much do clicks cost?

The cost of your clicks will depend on the calculation of many ever changing factors.

Below is a list of some key factors:

  • How competitive your industry is
  • How competitive the specific keyword is
  • Your maximum bid amount
  • Your quality score

As a rough guide, consult your PPC proposal as that will include our initial keyword research with rough cost per click estimations.

Will I have full access to the advertising platforms?
Yes, they are your accounts and you will have full access to them at all times.
Who do we pay for clicks and management?

Your click spend goes directly to the advertising platforms whilst the management fee is paid directly to us at the beginning of the month / period via Direct Debit.

How long before we start to see results?
One of the key benefits of PPC is that results are often harvested much quicker than other marketing channels. Generally campaigns start to drive traffic to your website immediately after launch, but bear in mind that your campaigns will improve over time whilst we test and optimise them, also, the amount of visitors / enquiries or sales you receive will also depend on how much market share your chosen budget buys for you and the effectiveness of your website in converting visitors into sales or enquiries.
Do my PPC campaigns really need ongoing management? Can't I get away with managing it myself?

To become more cost effective and to increase your ROI, your PPC campaigns require constant monitoring and attention.

At a very base level it is possible for those without professional training to manage their own PPC campaigns, however, we strongly advise that a professional is always in control. We have countless companies come to us explaining how they have tried to manage their own PPC campaigns and have over time spent increasing amounts of money on adverts whilst receiving slowly diminishing results. PPC is far from easy, all of our PPC professionals have years of training and experience and are continually sharpening their skills.

How can I budget for PPC if it is a bidding system?
All major PPC platforms allow us to set budgets. We will set daily budgets and budget limits at the campaign level and at the account level. This means you always know the maximum you will be spending each month.
What do you do each month as part of the ongoing management and optimisation?

Our objective is to show a steady and continued improvement in quality, quantity and value. Campaign’s can differ, but generally we are work the following each month:

  • Research to identify new advertising opportunities and markets
  • Keyword analysis and optimisation
  • Audience analysis and optimisation
  • Click through rate and quality score optimisation
  • Cost Per Click monitoring to help you receive the cheapest possible price
  • Advert content performance optimisation and A/B split testing
  • Visual advert design optimisation and A/B split testing
  • New visual advert design
  • Daily budget management including impression, share and lost budget
  • Google analytics and conversion tracking analysis
  • We produce monthly reports detailing impressions, clicks, click-through rates, costs and conversions.
Do you discard my existing campaigns when you build my new campaigns?

All the data that you have collected in your campaign is carefully weighed up when we create your new campaign. We don’t generally delete old campaigns, but we do pause them so that you don’t waste click budget.

What reporting do you offer?

Once a month you will receive a detailed campaign report that contains:

  • Key performance indicators
  • A breakup of campaign performance at overall campaign, ad group / set, ad copy / creative and keyword level.
How can I see my own remarketing adverts?
You can see who is remarketing to you and possibly see your own adds by visiting Try not to do this too often because it can cause your ads to show less frequently and increase your cost per click.
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