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Your SEO Score Is…


An SEO score under 50% is below average and generally well behind those leading the market online.

As a result your website will be receiving only a small amount of website visits from prospects searching on Google using keywords / phrases most relevant to your offering.


SEO Score Summary

This report was manually produced by one of our SEO experts, yes an actual human rather than a robot. We know exactly what it takes to get you ranking high. Your SEO score is the combined result of the following primary scores.



Target Location/s:


Target Search Engine/s:


  • Google Reach 0% 0%
  • Onsite SEO 67% 67%
  • Offsite SEO 0% 0%

Google Reach

Your Google Reach score represents how successful your website is at reaching prospects who are searching for your offering online.

This data is based on your market specific keywords and how well your website performs in Google’s organic search results.

Searches Per Month


Your Google Reach Score

  • Google Rank Score 0% 0%

The following 10 keywords / phrases are specific to your business offering, if there are others that you believe are more suitable, let us know so that we can update this report accordingly.

Your target keywords and current Google ranks

mortgage underwriter jobs0
mortgage processor jobs0
mortgage underwriter jobs london25
lending manager jobs0
loan servicing jobs0
financial recruitment0
financial services recruitment0
finance recruitment agencies0
financial recruiters0
financial services recruiters0
  • Traffic Share Score 0% 0%

The following results show which websites are gaining the most traffic from people searching for your target keywords on Google.

Your Traffic Share = 0%

SEO Competitors

Many may not be direct business competitors, they just happen to dominate the 1st page of Google for the search terms / keywords that matter most to your business.

Taffic Share

Following is a breakdown of the SEO factors that need improving to enable your Google ranks to SOAR…

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO is all about getting your website perfect in the eyes of Google.

It’s not just about content and including keywords in your copy and metadata, onsite SEO goes far deeper and more technical than that.

Then there’s user experience and conversion optimisation, the list goes on. We can’t list it all here, but below is a summary of some of the basics to consider as a priority.


Content & Technical SEO Ranking Factors


Target Keyword Landing Pages

Non Google Friendly URLs

Links to Missing Pages (404s)

Missing Canonical Tags

Missing Meta Title Tags

Duplicate Meta Title Tags

Too Long Meta Title Tags

Too Short Meta Title Tags

Missing Meta Description Tags

Duplicate Meta Description Tags

Too Long Meta Description Tags

Too Short Meta Description Tags

Missing Header 1 Tags

Duplicate Header 1 Tags

Noindex Tags Needed

Missing Alt Tag Text


WWW Canonicalisation


XML Sitemap


Robots.txt In Use

User Experience & Conversion Optimisation

Page Load Under 5s


Mobile Responsive


HTTPS Secure


Telephone Number On All Key Pages


Contact Forms on Key Pages


Email Address on Key Pages


Live Chat on Key Pages


Lead Capture / Magnets Where Needed

Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO is everything that happens away from a website that affects its SEO results. There are arguably many offsite / external SEO ranking factors, however the most important by far are backlinks.

Search engines such as Google consider backlinks as votes of quality for the webpage / website they are linking to. A website with many high value backlinks coming from many different websites will usually rank higher than an otherwise equal website with fewer or lower quality backlinks.

Doesn’t Google ignore backlinks nowadays?

No, Google heavily relies on backlinks. Backlinks and content are the most important ranking factors. Google only ignores links from irrelevant, low quality pages and websites that brings no value to internet users.


Your Backlink Profile

DomainDomain RatingReferring DomainsBacklinks

Competitor Backlink Comparison

DomainDomain RatingReferring DomainsBacklinks









Note: These are the top 10 and your website is not positioned in the top 20

So, what can we do to help turn things around?

Our formula for success can be broken-down into 5 key areas:

  1. We gain a high-level insight into your business / target market and then leverage it to maximise on ROI.
  2. We build a keyword strategy that laser focuses on search terms that produce the highest marketing and commercial value to your business.
  3. We take a ‘Content Is King’ approach, because we know that high quality, highly relevant content produces ranks and traffic that last longest and produce the highest quality leads.
  4. In modern SEO there are no-longer any cheat solutions. To guarantee results that beat the competition every time, we focus on quality and consistency across every smallest aspect of your SEO.
  5. We provide a 100% done for you service, this is vital because it allows us to confidently guarantee results knowing nothing can get in our way.

Monthly Investment Options

Investment /MonthHours /Month Initial GoalEst. Time to Reach Goal
+ VAT /month
Hours /month
Page 1 ranks for a range of long-tail and core ‘money’ phrases.13 months
+ VAT /month
Hours /month
Page 1 ranks for a range of long-tail and core ‘money’ phrases.9 months
+ VAT /month
Hours /month
Page 1 ranks for a range of long-tail and core ‘money’ phrases.7 months

Average results we achieve in Less Than 5 Months


Increase in Enquiries / Sales

Google Ranking Increase


Improvement in Organic Traffic


Increase in Conversion Rate

Happy customers, and counting

"We have experienced a significant increase in relevant enquiries since using their services and now consider their work an essential component to our marketing strategy.”

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Sam Sayer - Creative Director of Detype

Our No-risk Rank Promise

We take SEO seriously, that’s why we have the confidence that our techniques will work!  We promise that you will have higher Google rankings or organic traffic within the first 30 days or we will work until you do, for free!