The 3 T’s of Online Marketing
How to use Testing, Trust and Time to Multiply Your Online Marketing Results

Once you have your online marketing plan in place, it may seem like all plain sailing from there on, but it’s far too easy to get lost along the way and to see your results take a hit. By utilising Testing, Trust and Time in your online marketing activity you will be able to focus your efforts and make sure that everything you do works in your favour and strengthens your results in the long term. In this video I explain how being consistent with the 3 T’s of online marketing will save you time and money and multiply your results.
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Consistency is the key to Online Marketing success and the first thing that you need to do is Testing

Hi! It’s Chris from Springhill Marketing, back with some more online marketing tips and tricks. Today I just wanted to quickly take you through consistency in online marketing and the importance of it. Consistency is one of the keys to success with online marketing for a few reasons, one of the first is Testing. Without testing, without trialing different hypotheses when it comes to your marketing solutions, it’s impossible to get to the most optimised results and the most optimised solutions. Without testing you really don’t know whether you’re choosing the right channel, by channel. I mean, marketing activity, whether that is search engine optimisation social advertising, blog posting, direct mail, whatever it might be, you don’t know that your choosing the right channel for your business to maximize leads and sales for your business. without really testing, and knowing whether you’re choosing the right direction and the best solution. Testing means you try different channels, but it also means that you’re trialing different approaches to that same channel, so when it comes to pay per click advertising, we have AB split testing. So we show different versions of adverts to people that are searching for the same keywords on Google. And we’re showing different landing pages to the people who are searching for particular services or products. Then after time, and we have all the data that has come in, and we’ve tested a large enough group of prospects, we can then tell whether a particular advert, advert A or advert B or landing page A, or landing page B has performed the best. Without doing that, you just don’t know All the experience in the world, all the the best ideas in the world need to be tested.

The second most important thing when it comes to consistency in Online Marketing is Trust

Okay so that brings me on to the second most important thing when it comes to consistency in online marketing. Everything that you’re doing builds trust and it’s really important and the trust is very high up in your list of marketing objectives. Without trust you don’t have an inquiry, without trust, you don’t have a sale, without trust you don’t have any time on site so the people who are visiting your website and then are considering your services or your products don’t have trust in your brand, don’t have trust in what you saying, all the descriptions of your services, or products. And they don’t have that trust. So that the clicking off the site means you have really high bounce rates on your Google Analytics, and that’s a sign that you don’t have trust, you don’t have engagements. An example of consistency on online marketing might be being found on Google consistently when people are searching for your services, rather than one month being there, one month not one was being at the top, one month not, being found for 50% of your services or products and not the rest. Without that consistency it’s really difficult for your prospects and your customers to trust what your saying and trust your offering. So consistency is key when it comes to trust.

The third thing that you need to consider when it comes to consistency, is Time

And finally, the third thing that you need to consider when it comes to consistency, is Time. When you’re consistent, giving something time to grow, something time to develop, something time to be optimised, so that you’re absolutely hitting something at the right level. It’s really, really important in marketing. There’s no overnight successes in marketing anymore. Again like testing, we have a lot of the resources and lot of the answers, and lot of the experience already to know what is wrong and what you should be trying. But without giving something the time to develop and turn into a really successful end solution that’s had every direction tested with consistency, and being able to know that you are getting in the right direction, and you’re exhausted every opportunity, and you giving something the time it
needs to grow. So give it some thought, let me know if you have any questions. If you need help with your online marketing, you need to drive more high quality traffic to your website, let us know, drop your questions at the bottom of this video on youtube. Follow us on facebook, make an inquiry through our website, give us a call book a strategy session with myself, or the team. Check us out on all different social media and on our website. Let us know about your business and what your challenges are in marketing in the moment, what your aims are And we’ll help you to choose the right solutions  for you, tell you where you’re going wrong. We have lots of resources on our website where we can provide free audits and opportunity report for your business. So check us out, let us know and speak to you really soon.


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