What are Backinks?
Why Your Website Needs Them and How

What are backlinks? For businesses starting out in improving their Google organic rankings and increasing the number of visitors their website receives, understanding what backlinks are, how Google uses them and how to increase their website’s backlinks is essential. In this video I delve into all of this and more.
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Hi I’m Chris Anderson, and this is a video from Springhill Marketing. Today I just want to take you through search engine optimisation and particularly backlinks. I’m gonna start off with ‘What are backlinks, and why do you need them?’ So, with search engine optimisation we’re talking about getting your website, your business website, ranked on Google, when people are searching for your services or products. And Google uses an algorithm to choose which websites they want to place at the very top on the first page when people are searching. It’s a very complicated algorithm. There’s easily 250 plus factors that they consider when ranking websites for searches. And its continued, judging of every single website every single page that Google performs, by making these decisions, and back links happen to be right at the top of the list of importance. Two major factors, they are using the making the decision on who’s ranked highly, and that is the content of the page, the authority of the websites, but most important above everything are backlinks.

What are backlinks?

Well, what’s a backlink, and how do we get them? So, a backlink is effectively a  link from another website to yours. It’s a hyperlink. When you see a link on the website saying click here to find out more information, that’s the backlink. So, how do we get backlinks, and what’s the importance of the quality all the time for backlinks. So Google uses these backlinks as a vote in your website’s favor. They’re basically counting up the votes, from different websites, they’re judging the quality of these backlinks and then they’re choosing where your website, where your competitor’s websites, are listed within the Google search results page.

How do you get backlinks?

So, how do you get a backlink, and how do you make sure these backlinks are high quality and working in your favor. Well, there’s lots of different ways to get backlinks, but it’s not as easy as it may sound. So, back in the day when everybody was starting to work with websites and search engine optimisation, SEO’s figured out, basically, that they can manipulate the search engine results pages and the rankings of particular websites By creating backlinks,  and many of them, to their client’s websites. So see, Google figured his out over the years and keep changing their algorithm to help improve the quality and preventing the production of low quality Backlinks. So nowadays, All those black hat, fake methods of producing hundreds and thousands of backlinks overtime, no longer help your Google ranking. Instead, we have to make sure that the links going from one website a third party website to your website are as high quality as possible. And the quality comes down to a few things: The actual page itself, how many words on that page, how well it’s written, when somebody visits the page, how long do they stay on the page, how long the engage with it.

It is important to link to a relevant page.

The most important of all is how relevant it is to the page they are linking to. So there’s no point in your website having a link pointing towards It from a website that has nothing to do with your sector, or the subject you talking about, or the words that you want to get highly ranked for. It’s really important that, the website that is linking to your website is relevant to that content. Otherwise, why would google choose to rank your website highly for that term? So, getting these backlinks, and getting them high quality, and making sure that Google recognises the the websites are linking to your websites are deemed as high quality and relevant it’s not an easy thing. It just takes hours and hours and hours of work. You can do it yourself, and I suggest you go out there and try to do it. Have some successes, have some failures, but ultimately, if you need to improve the ranking of your website, you need to work with the company like ours, who are going to dedicate hours of time to make sure that your SEO in general, and we’re not just talking about backlinks, we’re talking about, many different ranking factors, as well as how good the content is on your website, how well your website converts to leads, and sales, and things like that. But you need somebody to be continually working on producing high quality backlinks to your website. The process goes something like this, so, learn about the website, the business that you’re promoting; this is the prices we go Through, and start to research into content that’s going to help Those end users, Write articles that support, explain, aid, add value to those perspective clients, and prospective customers, and the, write an  article or write many articles, on a monthly basis, on the daily basis, and then basically go out and tout those articles to real, high quality, relevant, third party websites. So we do our research, we write our articles, and then we approach website owners and we say to them, “We got this amazing content, and we’re willing to give it to you to put on your website, it will give your own website visitors and users a high quality experience. It’s an article that’s real, been written by real people, adds a lot of value. We’re willing to give you this article to put on your website, your blog, all we ask for in return, is a link back to our website.” So we go through the process, we knock on a lot of doors, we ask a lot of questions and a handful of those hundreds and hundreds of people that we ask Then, so yes, thank you, we’ll have those articles, thanks very much, will post on our website, they do that, and then when their website gets crawled by Google, and Google sees that they have a link from this very high quality. article, pointing back to our website, that works a vote to our client’s websites. 

What people used to do, in comparison is black hat.

What people used to do, in comparison is black hat, not appreciated by Google, and then ended up getting websites, banned and harmed in the rankings. What people used to do, was, pay somebody just a few pounds, or a few dollars to artificially create backlinks, from hundreds and thousands of websites that have been created by software. So this software, sits on someone’s computer, it crawls into that finds websites, put horrible comments, well, nice comments probably, But low value, fake comments on blogs and websites pointing back to websites. Or the other black hats method that people used to do is creating fake websites and groups of websites all linking to each Other. But Google have seen through all of this nowadays, it just doesn’t work and it’s good, it’s good that Google have figured it out, Because, ultimately, we need to be providing our customers and our clients with a better experience. We don’t want to be faking things we want to be improving the quality of our websites and working with Google and within their within their guidelines, to make sure that we have the best website, and we, we’re ranking highly and that when our prospects land on our website, they’re getting the best experience, because when they get the best experience, we get more enquiries and leads and sales. So, you can’t cut the corners anymore, if you’ve been speaking to SEO’s who are willing to provide you with high ranking, instant results, within a month, or two month, or they going to build a lots and lots of links to your website, charge you very little money, what will happen is they’ll do that, you might see some increase at some point, or you might not see anything, but ultimately, when Google figures out what they’ve been doing, your website will get penalised, and you go from being ranked to banned from Google and not even being shown on Google. So you have to be really, really careful. 

We only perform high quality search engine optimisation services

We only perform high quality search engine optimisation services. And it’s really important for this day and age, there’s no cutting corners. You want longevity within your marketing, and it’s the only way to go. So, take these take these points. Do what you can to make them work for your own website. If you need some help, honestly, I suggest you do work with a professional search engine optimisation company like ours. Give us a ring. Let’s talk about your business, and what you need to, what you need to do, what your aims are, well, we can provide you with a free audit of your website, a free SEO audit, so we can tell you where you already are, and exactly what you need to do, to get the results you need for your business. We can also project how long it’s gonna take for you to reach the first page and we will provide free keyword research and all sort, just to add as much value as possible. Managing the data of short-tail and long-tail keywords when building backlinks can be challenging for website owners. To get your rankings up you can follow a good strategy from Outreachmama website. which will boost your organic traffic and rankings in a no time. So if you need any help with this, or you have any questions, get in contact with the team, leave comments at the bottom of this video, come back next time see more videos regarding online marketing and hopefully see you soon! Bye!

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