9 Apr, 2021

5 SEO Tips for 2024


Have you met any of your SEO goals for this year? If you haven’t, don’t fret. You still have time left to make any substantial improvements to your existing campaign. Here are some SEO tips for 2024 that you should consider to give your online marketing strategies a boost to help you in this endeavour. 

1. Quality backlinks are still essential

Google’s latest algorithm update shows that building high-quality backlinks is still vital to your overall SEO campaign. For this reason, you should spend the remaining time creating strategies that will help you obtain links from high authority sites. You can do this by: 


  • Submitting guest posts to highly popular and relevant online publishers.
  • Using authoritative author profiles for every guest post you write.
  • Seeking expert help who can build quality backlinks on your behalf, like us here at Springhill Marketing.
  • Building niche-relevant backlinks.

2. Continue producing quality content

Content is the backbone of SEO because without it, Google’s search bots won’t be able to crawl and index your site. That being said, you should continue creating content that supports your target pages regularly. This should help you generate more visits to your site while reducing traffic volatility. 

However, take note that you shouldn’t create content willy-nilly. Each piece of web content should have a purpose. Here are a few tips you should consider: 

  • Create a content plan and a posting schedule.
  • You don’t necessarily have to post too often if you want to gain web traffic fast.
  • To ensure steady traffic growth over time, look up related searches to find topics that can support previously written content.
  • Make sure to observe interlinking to connect related posts. This will help Google understand that certain pages on your site are relevant and related to each other, allowing you to generate more SEO juice.

3. Improve page loading speeds

While this is hardly new information, many site owners are still unable to comprehend how important it is to have a fast website. Google added core web vitals to its list of ranking signals, making it crucial to improve your page loading speed. 


Having a fast website can provide you with multiple benefits. It can help: 

  • Increase your search ranking.
  • Boost your conversion rates, average order value, and return on investment.
  • Outsmart the competition. 

There are simple ways to improve your page loading speed. You can use plugins, such as ShortPixel and WPRocket. If possible, you may also consider getting faster hosting services. Make sure to talk to your web developers to ensure that it will take no longer than three seconds for your webpages to load. 

4. Choose keywords based on user intent

Choosing keywords according to user intent is perhaps one of the most vital SEO tips for 2024. Many business owners prioritise keywords based on search volume. Since most people use these search terms in their online queries, they think that targeting these keyword can help their sites attract more traffic. However, with Google strengthening its search algorithms to provide users with more accurate and relevant results, such a strategy is no longer that effective. 

While choosing keywords based on search volume can indeed help you generate more traffic, it doesn’t guarantee that these web visits would result in a conversion. For this reason, you should prioritise user intent when choosing keywords to rank for. 

Find out what motivates your prospects to perform an online search. If you have a better understanding of the intent behind your audience’s online queries, it will be easier for you to develop content or offers that would help increase your conversions. 

5. Evaluate your strategies

Because the rules of the game are frequently changing, it’s vital to try new SEO strategies to survive and thrive amidst the stiff online competition. But whether you want to test a new way to research keywords, build backlinks, or a landing page template, you should evaluate your tactics and determine which of them offer you the best SEO benefit. 

Perform an audit every three months or so. Find out which of your strategies requires more time, money, and energy. Then, measure the ROI you’re receiving from each of them. Is the profit you’re earning from each strategy worthy of the time and effort you spend on them? 

Through this process, you can identify which strategies are working and which of them you should delegate to someone else or stop entirely. 

Continue Refining Your SEO Strategies

The year 2020 showed us that we could not precisely predict what will happen in the future. While this may be the case, there are steps we can take right now to meet our goals and ensure the success of our business in 2024. As such, be sure to follow the tips discussed above to achieve the results you’re expecting. 

At Springhill Marketing, we can provide you with the expert assistance you need to meet your SEO targets this year. Please speak with us and we’ll create an SEO plan tailored just for your business.

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