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Why SEO is important for your business

And why you should choose us?


Getting found in Google is important

Showing up in a relevant Google search result allows those prospects who are looking for your products or services to find you.

Hard selling no more

When prospects who are in need of your products find you, signing up is all there is to do, no more wasting time, and money and, most of all, no hard selling.

Showing up on Google Search Result Matters

Every month 30+ Million searches are being done on Google for specific products and services.  It is a great advantage to be on page one of the Google search result rankings to be found by users who are looking for you.

Earn trust by getting found

Showing up on Google search results will immediately make your business an authority in your field and will be easily remembered by your prospects.

Become successful fast and for less

As an SEO services company, our experience working with many businesses made us the expert.  To put it simply, you can get to your goals faster with lesser spend compared to others who still needs time to understand how SEO works.

We can do it all for you

Our SEO team can take care of all your needs, including writing content, link building, marketing and promotion, optimising your website and coding.

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Average results we achieve in Less Than 5 Months

SEO Company Results


Increase in Enquiries / Sales

Google Ranking Increase


Improvement in Organic Traffic


Increase in Conversion Rate

Happy Customers…

Testimonial Pics Craig

"We asked Springhill Marketing to help us to bring in more client leads. Since, we have had a substantial amount of increased traffic and new business leads.”

Craig Vallance – Create Recruitment, Corby Northamptonshire

Dragons Dents

"I have seen a dramatic increase in converted leads and the phone has been going off more than ever"

Leon Kyte – Dragons Dents, Daventry, Northamptonshire


“I’ve worked with a few marketing companies over the years, but none have provided a higher ROI or as many business enquiries as Springhill Marketing. I highly recommend their work.”

James Baird – Apexia, Market Harborough Leicestershire

Set Your Mind Free

"Since employing you to advertise my business on Google I have seen the number of client enquiries rising by 25%+."

Leigh Adley – Set Your Mind Free, Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire

We Are SSG

"The knowledge of the team is outstanding …and I can honestly say we wouldn’t have got there without them."

Laura Mould – SSG Recruitment, Hertfordshire

BEB Contract And Legal Services

"We’re up 352% on the number of visitors to the site compared to this time last year. We’re also on the 1st page of Google locally for almost all of our services."

Hazel Napier – BEB Contract and Legal Services, Northampton

How our SEO Process works

First, we will learn about how your business works and understand your specific needs.  

We have worked with many different businesses so we are sure to quickly get a grip of what SEO strategies will work for you.  We will make sure to understand your target market, top competitors, current marketing strategies and difficulties, and of course your goals.

We will do an analysis of your competitors to know the techniques that they use and reverse engineer and create a plan for us to achieve.

We provide a careful keyword research procedure that will get us the best keywords for us to use in our optimisation strategies.

To make sure that your website is setup for SEO is an important factor for success.

We will analyse your website’s content and code and we find issues, our team can provide all the help you need, but you can of course use your own team to work on the needed changes.

Most of the time, any website changes are only for Google to see, this helps provide them with the best content.

We will work on your website so that it will be trusted as the authority for your target keywords.

This is achieved by having high quality content within your website and other web properties.  This is a well known strategy that will make your website high up the search engine ranks.

We know that results is what really matters in the end.

As our SEO strategies are very effective, results are usually quick especially if your website never had any SEO work.  Every month, we will send a report with all the details like, live search rank, improvements, organic traffic, and other significant statistics.

Example SEO Prices

Springhill Marketing offers bespoke SEO solutions and because each business has it’s own requirements.  Therefore we also offer bespoke SEO packages to meet your needs.  These packages are of a typical monthly investments.

Bespoke Packages

From £4,000+ /Month

No matter your situation we can build a bespoke SEO solution to best suit your needs.

We work with you to identify exactly what will make the biggest impact to your marketing efforts and bottom line.

32% of your competitors…

don’t SEO optimise their website pages which means they are missing out on 85% of internet users
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Our No-risk Optimisation Promise

We take SEO seriously, that’s why  we have the confidence that our techniques will work!  We promise that you will have high Google rankings or organic traffic within the first 30 days or we will work until we do for free.

How to choose the right SEO Partner?


Don’t spend money on an SEO agency that is yet to learn what will or will not work for your business.


Look for and work with an SEO Specialist and not with web designers or marketing companies who are offering SEO services.  They most likely will outsource the SEO work to another agency, or they have an in-house expert who will be working on all aspects of SEO alone, which is impossible.


Let’s face it, many businesses have had a fair amount of SEO work and are doing well, some of them may even be your competitors.  You will have no chance of getting into the game if you don’t do it right.  You most definitely have to do a fair amount of work and, of course, make a continuous realistic investment.


The key to recruitment SEO success is Quality Relevant Content, so working with a team that knows recruitment well is essential.

Recent Client Results

At the end of the day it is only the results that count.

We are very proud of the results we deliver to our clients, our reputation is important to us, so we’ll only take on your SEO project if we are confident we can provide you with the same market leading results.

Organic Traffic


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FAQ’s for SEO Services

Why should we choose you and not another SEO company?

We are not just any SEO agency, we are experts in this field.  You will benefit from our many years of experience working with different types of businesses.  Our bespoke plan will be way more effective than the approach from other SEO company.

This many years of experience means we know:

  • The most suitable and the best search terms for your business.
  • The search terms that will be a waste of time and investment.
  • How tight the competition will be for your business goals.
  • The ins and out of your business therefore delivering what’s important
  • The perfect customer approach.
  • How to speak to your customers whether you are offering products or services.
When can we get to work?

Our team work with one client each month. This is important so that we can go through the SEO processes and not keep our clients waiting. Give us a call to check for our availability. There is a lot to do before kick-off, so the earlier we get in touch, the sooner we can give you our SEO recommendations.

Do I need to hire someone for my SEO?

Google has a lot of opportunities for your business, and being visible will definitely help you grow. Our SEO expertise will help open these opportunities for you.  It is very difficult to get ranked without getting help from SEO specialists.  It’s too complicated and competitive to try and do it for yourself and expect results.  

How is SEO and PPC different and What should I choose for my business?

PPC ads are what you see as Sponsored Adverts showing on top of Google Search results page as well as the last four results at the bottom. The other results in between them are all organic SEO results. We would recommend that you use the power of both for your business. That will of course depend on how much is your budget, the volume of visits and, the urgency of your promotion. Talk to our team, and we will explain and recommend the best approach for your goals.

Can you adapt your strategies to my business’ sub-industry?

Our team have worked with several other businesses and has a long and proven experience in several sectors. We do understand that each business belongs to different industries, therefore, have different needs. To make sure that you take advantage of our skilled and proven approach,  we make sure to spend a lot of time in the first few weeks researching, planning and building a strategy.

Is there a guarantee that we will be ranked No. 1 for a major search term?

There is NO guarantee for a No.1 position all the time, and we can assure you that no one can give such assurance.  We can, however, give a guarantee of monthly rank improvement or gain organic traffic in just 30 days of working. Click to know more

How long should I wait to see SEO results?

The amount of time will vary with each client but we make sure to kickstart our services for new clients so they can see results and ROI sooner.  We cannot fast forward your website’s SEO but opt for slowly but surely game as this as well will give a result that lasts.  

Even though it might take a few months in achieving to be on page 1 or the top 3 positions for your target keywords, you will already see relevant organic traffic as well as improvements in your ranking on most month that we are doing the SEO.

What are the SEO work that you do?

We can do 100 percent of your SEO work.  We can work on every aspect of SEO services you need, including content writing, improvements on your website, offsite content marketing – we can do it all for you.

When do we get reports on your work and how does it look like?
We will provide you with monthly SEO Reports that will show all website performance indicators such as live rank tracking, organic traffic, conversion and bounce rates. Also remember that you can always contact us if you have any questions.

What are your payment options?

We will charge you on a monthly basis at the beginning of each month and we can assure you that there are no hidden charges.

How will your SEO work adapt to our marketing efforts?

We are also marketing people and we know the importance of having synchronised marketing strategy, SEO is the same.  We will work with both in-house or third party marketing teams, and we will let them know of the research and planning that we will do for your SEO.

What if we decide to terminate the contract?

We understand that change is inevitable so we are not going ask you for any 6 to 12 month commitment.  You will have the flexibility of allowing us a 30 day notice anytime if needed.

I read that these days good content can get us ranked so what do I need SEO for?

Getting ranked is much more complicated that just having great content.  Google have over 250 considerations when choosing who to rank for any search term.  As we are SEO specialists, we can make sure that your website, web pages and all other SEO signals are provide better ranking factors than others.

What’s the difference between Black and White Hat SEO?

These two are different SEO techniques.  White Hat search engine optimisation are SEO practices that are recommended because it uses strategies that are safe and Google recommended.  Black Hat SEO on the other is the opposite.  These are techniques that are dangerous and could get your website to trouble.  Google punishes websites who are found to be using these techniques.  It may be able to give good results at first but using this shortcut and can get your website penalised.

Is SEO a one-time service?

SEO is also a part of your marketing activities and you can achieve great results if you continue to develop it.  Also, with the continuous dominance of Google and the use of internet, your competitors will be the only ones taking advantage of this opportunity if they are doing SEO and you don’t.

How do you make sure that you are updated with the best practices from Google?

We have been providing great SEO results for the businesses we’ve been working with and with our continuous research and improvements, we can ensure that we are ahead.

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