29 Feb, 2024

Analysing the Potential Impact of Google Gemini on SEO: How to Adjust Your Optimisation Strategies

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Over the last several years, search engines have increasingly turned to AI or artificial intelligence to enhance their capabilities in responding to user queries. Just recently, Google has introduced its latest AI model called Gemini. Touted by the search giant as “super powerful”, Google Gemini is engineered to raise the bar in natural language understanding, boasting improved multimodality and unlimited capabilities. But with the new AI model being dubbed as a search industry game-changer, what do you think is the potential impact of Google Gemini on SEO?

Google Ups Its AI Game with Gemini 

Replacing Google Bard, Gemini is reportedly the first AI model to outperform human Massive Multitask Language Understanding (MMLU) specialists. It comprises a “family” of sophisticated models trained across various data types to create a versatile model with strong overall capabilities in different areas and exceptional performance in each specific domain, such as understanding and reasoning. 

Because of this, Gemini AI has more capabilities and is much more powerful than ChatGPT. Furthermore, it can understand text, video, audio, and images and transform them into written text.

What We Can Expect with the Release of Google Gemini 

Although Google has yet to release Gemini, there is considerable anticipation of how the new AI model can affect search rankings and SEO practices. In addition, tech professionals who tested Gemini claimed that its chat capabilities are more natural and human-like than those of its closest rivals.

With Google’s latest project having the potential to usher in a new era of “interactions” between users and AI systems, here’s what we can expect with the arrival of Gemini.

1. The rise of multimodal search

When it comes to search, multimodality is nothing new. Thanks to voice search and Google Lens, we can look up products, services, and information online without having to enter text into search engines all the time. However, with the arrival of Google Gemini, multimodal searches are likely to become as commonplace as traditional searches. 

From an SEO perspective, the rise of multimodal searches will further underscore the importance of optimising images, audio files, and videos on your website. As users are likely to combine text, voice, and image searches to find what they need, it would be wise to improve your media optimisation strategies to attract more traffic.

 2. User interaction as the new top search ranking factor

Today, websites with the highest domain authority and tick all the boxes when it comes to meeting SEO ranking factors dominate search result pages. But with the release of Gemini AI, Google will be better equipped to understand user intent and monitor their online behaviour. As a result, websites that generate more visits and user interaction are more likely to rank well on Google. 

So, what does this mean for online marketers and website owners? 

As we move from traditional metrics to user interaction to measure a website’s SEO-friendliness, making your website more accessible and user-friendly becomes more crucial than ever. The potential impact of Google Gemini on SEO and its enhanced chat capabilities underscore the growing significance of creating a seamless and engaging user experience. 

Websites that prioritise accessibility and ease of use are likely to benefit not only from improved search rankings but also from increased user satisfaction and retention. Adapting to this changing landscape means considering not only keyword optimisation but also enhancing your website’s overall accessibility, navigability, and user-centric features.

 a. Optimise your website’s Core Web Vitals

Ensure your site’s Core Web Vitals are highly optimised to improve engagement and user-friendliness. All web elements must load quickly and be displayed accurately. Furthermore, they should not hinder user interaction to ensure the visual stability of your web pages.

 b. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

As Google has adopted a mobile-first indexing policy, responsive web design is key to getting a high search ranking and attracting more organic traffic. With the upcoming release of Gemini, a mobile-friendly website becomes synonymous with better user engagement and visitor retention as it makes it easier for people to navigate and use your site on any device.

 c. Improve your site’s crawlability

Gemini and SGE are transforming customer journeys by delivering instant answers within search result pages. To increase the likelihood of being featured in SGE snippets and attracting visits from potential customers, you should boost your site’s crawlability.

 3. Conversational search queries

The release of Gemini AI is also expected to change the way we look up information online. As demonstrated by how we interact with ChatGPT or Google Bard, users are likely to “talk” to Gemini and perform conversational search queries instead of simply entering specific keywords or search terms. 

As you know, this trend already exists with voice search. Therefore, building upon your current voice search optimisation strategies, such as creating a FAQ page or answering potential questions from your target audience, is an excellent way to brace for the possible impact of Google Gemini on SEO.

 4. No more keywords?

For years, we have been relying on keywords to create relevant content and optimise websites. However, this is likely to change as online searches become more conversational and less keyword-driven. Experts predict that instead of keyword density, context will determine the quality of a web page. 

Before, good content meant having a specific number of keywords matching a particular query. With Google Gemini, good content will likely point to those that can provide good context and, more importantly, answer a user’s question as satisfactorily as possible. Therefore, to adapt to the changing landscape, creating high-quality, engaging, and informative content remains an effective SEO strategy instead of simply adding keywords to a text.

Are You Ready for Google Gemini? 

As Google has yet to release Gemini, it is hard to make accurate predictions on how the new AI model can affect SEO practices and the search industry as a whole. However, previous interactions with existing AIs, such as ChatGPT and Google Bard, can give us insights into the changes Gemini can bring and even help us prepare for the challenges that may lie ahead. 

Are you excited with the arrival of Google Gemini? If you need expert help optimising your website ahead of Gemini’s release, we at Springhill Marketing are happy to help. Get in touch with us, and we’ll provide you with the expert solutions you require.

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