Email Marketing is Dead
Find Out Why and What You Must Do Now

Yes, that’s right, email marketing is DEAD! When was the last time you bothered reading properly or responding to an email newsletter that landed in your inbox? 1 month? 3 months? Never?

In this video I explain why your email marketing is a wasting your time and money. I go into exactly what you need to do be doing from now on. Here’s a hint… it still involves email.

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Beginning of Video Transcript
Hi it’s Chris from Springhill Marketing. I’m here today to tell you that… Wait for it…

Email marketing is dead!

Email marketing is dead! Yes, that’s right. Email marketing is dead. So, you might be quite surprised to hear me saying that. Now the reason I want to tell you about email marketing today, is not really that is dead. Well, how you are already doing it, how your businesses are doing it today is dead, it’s not working, it’s a waste of time, it’s not engaging, nobody likes it, it’s considered spam. Okay, so, you need to stop changing up how you doing it. You need to completely rethink how you’re doing it, how you would like to receive emails. Now, the problem is, is that the emails that you’re sending out they’re not real, they’re contrived, they are business like. People don’t want to engage with that kind of communication. It’s too salesy, it’s not interesting, it doesn’t engage, it’s not real.

How can you make your email marketing work?

Okay so, how do you swap it up. how do you make it work properly? It’s quite simple, think of an email, more like the kind of communication we’re having right now. It’s real, there’s somebody talking, you can kind of engage with it, you can understand that it’s real language being spoken to, it’s like somebody sitting across to you in a meeting room. That’s exactly how you should be doing email nowadays. Now the next thing you’re going to tell me is well, we’re a large corporate, we’re a business, we can’t be sending out emails that are too conversational, that seem like they just written by a person speaking to somebody else. That doesn’t work for us. That’s not what people were expecting. It’s not part of our brand language. Well, I’m sorry, but you need to, you need to really take notice of what I’m saying and you need start implementing it within your business, because it’s only when you can start communicating from one real person to another, that these emails are gonna start to be taken seriously. They gonna start to be read, responded to, and they going to work for your business as a proper marketing opportunity. So, how do you do it? Well, first off, you need to find an example of this type of email, so sign up to our e-marketing list or drop me a message at the bottom of this video, or send us a direct message through social media or an e-mail. Go on to our website, fill the form out.

What does a good email marketing look like?

Let us know that you want to start seeing what good email marketing looks like, and then you’ll see that it’s like a transcript of a conversation from one person to another. It’s short sentences that really mean something, using real language that would come out of somebody’s mouth, So then you see an example of how it should be done, how do you start to do this yourself? Well, up until now you may have found writing email marketing quite difficult. You’re, probably doing in the newsletter style. You may even be sending out emails that look like they’re newsletters, so they’ve got many sections, it looks like a web page split up into headings and sections, or different buttons and things that, it’s just complete waste of time. And writing all this information that’s going in the emails that’s what’s really difficult, because you’re having to pretend to be a corporate machine rather than real person, so you have to leave all that behind and you need to start writing your emails, your communications as if it’s coming out of a real mouth. So one of the ways I like to do is to actually record audio. So, get your phone out, find an application that will record audio, or it might be even more simple just to record a video, listen back to the recording, write down what you said and how you said it. You could still smarten it up and make it sound, more punchy, but the email needs to look like short, engaging sentences, and that’s how the email goes out. No heading, no images, no branding. You can have some formatting in there, so you can put emphasis on certain areas, you can add in boldness, and italics different sizes of text if you like, and things like that, but don’t go overboard, it shouldn’t look designed, It needs look real.

Always add a call to action.

And then, you need to add a call to action, so you’ll see that in our videos, there’s always a call to action at the bottom of or at the end of this video, asking you to leave your messages, or subscribe, or go and see another video that we created elsewhere. A call to action that is completely linked with the content that they’ve just read. Okay, so in summary, your email marketing needs to change dramatically, or stop wasting your time. You need to start communicating like a real person or one person to the next, forget the large, long form paragraphs, Instead,talk in three punchy, meaningful sentences, and that’s how it goes out. Sign up to our email list drop us a message, we’ll add you to our email list, so you can see how we do it. We end up getting really high conversion rate, really high open rates, and response rates. So that’s what you need to be doing no matter how huge your businesses, or how tiny it is. This is what’s working and this is something different, that’s gonna really have an impact on your business. So let us know how it goes, keep me updated, leave messages at the bottom of this video or on the page or send some direct messages to us via email or fill the form out. Let us know what you’re interested in, for the next video and see you soon, thanks very much!

Ending of Video Transcript

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