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Leverage Google Ads to drive highly targeted leads into your sales funnel.

With Google Ads, Northampton businesses like yours can enjoy greater online visibility and better brand awareness to get found by millions of customers looking for similar products or services.

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Why Are Google Ads Essential to Your Business?

And why should you rely on Springhill Marketing to run your pay per click campaigns?


Greater online visibility

Millions of consumers worldwide use Google to find the products and services they need. Appearing prominently on Google search results allows you to be exactly where your target audience is looking.

Laser-focused PPC campaigns

Pay per click or PPC advertising lets you target the type of clients you want using search terms and key phrases specific to your business, helping you convert leads into sales for a better and quicker return on investment.

Powerful and highly effective ads

Our PPC experts conduct keyword research to find highly relevant keywords allowing us to create and manage AdWords ads that would reflect your brand and showcase your products or services.

Quick ROI

Unlike traditional marketing and advertising methods, Google Ads produce much quicker and more substantial results. This allows us to run new campaigns, quick promotions and optimise,  all of which contribute to an excellent web presence and faster ROI.

Real Time Results Monitoring and Feedbacks

With Springhill Marketing as your PPC agency, you’ll have complete access to your Google Ads or AdWords campaigns. You can see how everything is progressing and view the results in more detail.

All-in-one Google Ads specialists

As Google Ads specialists and digital marketing professionals, we can provide an all-in-one solution for your online marketing needs. Whether it’s pay per click/PPC strategy creation or Google Ads optimisation, we’ve got you covered.

Talk to a Google Ads expert today

As part of our Google Ads services in Northampton, we will manage your PPC or Google AdWords campaigns to ensure your business gains the most while paying the least.

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Results you can see in only 3 Months…

SEO Company Results


Increase in Enquiries / Sales


Increase in Google Search Result Visibility


Increase in marketing list sign-ups

Launch Google Adwords PPC

Launch your Google Ads from as little as £300 per month

Frequently Asked Questions about Running Google Ads in Northampton

How much will each advert click cost?

There is no definite answer to this question as PPC costs depend on several factors. However, our team will gather detailed information about your target market and the popularity of the keywords you want to target. Then, we will give you an idea of the cost of each click once we are done with our analysis.

What PPC platform do you recommend?

Our team primarily uses Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) to establish a sound online advertising strategy and ensure a successful campaign. With Google handling over 5 billion searches every day, it is the biggest and most widely used search engine globally. Appearing prominently on Google search result pages, as well as on thousands of apps and websites affiliated with the search giant, is an effective marketing strategy that allows you to position your business where your prospects can easily see you.

Furthermore, using AdWords provides you with more concrete results than advertising on social media. Studies show that while many people flock to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, they rely mainly on search engines to find the products and services they need. This clearly illustrates how much more effective Google AdWords are at driving potential customers to your website and helping you earn a better return on investment than social media advertising.

What is the average monthly ad spend when managing PPC or Google AdWords campaigns?

Again, a number of essential factors will dictate your average monthly Google PPC spend, such as your marketing goals and the prospects you want to target. However, to give you an idea, a small to medium-sized business in a competitive industry will need about £500 to £5,000 every month to run a profitable PPC or Google AdWords campaign.

How much will it cost me?

As a trusted PPC agency and a certified Google Partner, we pride ourselves on providing Northampton businesses with cost-effective Google Ads services to help them transform their respective websites into a robust lead generation tool. Therefore, our fees are very affordable and flexible. The bigger the click budget or ad spend of your business, the lower our team’s fee percentage.

Furthermore, we provide expert advice to help you identify the best Google advertising options so you can drive more traffic and leads to your website without wasting your money. This would enable your business to gain the most from your monthly PPC budget, allowing you to save more money while giving you an excellent return on investment.

If you would like to discuss this topic further, feel free to contact our customer support team at your convenience.

Who do I pay my click spend to?

Your click spend payments will be directly sent to Google Ads, Bing Ads, or whatever advertising system you decide to use. This provides you with complete control over your marketing and ad budget. Also, we only charge you a predefined management fee calculated according to your click spend. With Springhill Marketing, there are no hidden charges or extra fees—only reliable Google Ads solutions at very reasonable rates.

Talk to a Google Ads expert today

As part of our Google Ads services in Northampton, we will manage your PPC or AdWords campaigns to ensure your business gains the most while paying the least.

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