What We Know About the Google Core Algorithm Update September 2019

It is understandable, really. After all, whenever the search giant tweaks something—whether its core search algorithms or user interface—you can bet that search results will change.

Just recently, Google rolled out its core update for September 2019 and as expected, everyone is buzzing with activity. If you’re amongst the few who don’t know why a Google core update matters, here’s a brief explanation.


What is Google Core Update?

A Google core update is when Google fine-tunes its core search ranking algorithm to make search results more relevant and useful to users. It is carried out a few times a year (about every quarter or so). When implementing a core update, Google will almost always announce or confirm it.

As mentioned earlier, search results are affected when Google tweaks its core search ranking algorithm. Unfortunately, these search result changes are not always for the better. Whilst some sites rank higher for their prime keywords, others are not as lucky. Some even experience a significant drop in their search rankings.
Apart from search result changes, click-through rates can be affected, too. Some sites report receiving less or more traffic after a Google core update.


Google’s September 2019 Core Update

Google started rolling out its September 2019 core update on the 24th and it wasn’t until the 27th, the search giant’s birthday, that its effects were fully felt.

According to data provided by SEO toolset providers, the September update was not as strong and forceful as the June core update. In comparison, the June core update had a strong impact on not just the YMYL (your money your life) niche, but also on classical news sites, retail, and many other search categories. Also, it was broader than the March 2019 core update when significant changes were felt after just 24 hours of it being implemented.

Google doesn’t exactly share the specifics of most of its algorithm updates and its recent core update is no different. However, Roger Montti of MartiniBuster believes that a part of the September update was related to links. He said Google announced this month a change in the way nofollow links are handled. As such, Google may be currently focusing on links.


Who was Most Affected?

Whilst its impact may not be as strong as its predecessor, the September core update did affect many websites across the internet. Here is a list of niches and domains with high search ranking volatility (aka the losers) based on data gathered by RankRanger, Sistrix, and SEMRush:

· Health
· Finance
· Travel
· News and Sports
· Arts and Entertainment
· Food and Drink
· Computers and Electronics

Sites that utilise aggressive SEO tactics and have low-quality content also tumbled down the search rankings. In particular, those with irrelevant domain redirects suffered a great hit. This confirms that whilst they may be effective at first, blackhat SEO tactics often do more harm than good to your site later on.

In contrast, the biggest winners were the DailyMail, eBackPage.com, lasd.org and marionschool.net. According to Sistrix, the DailyMail was hit hard during the June core update. However, it made an excellent recovery with the September core update.


What to Do If Your Site Got Hit

Since 2011, Google has been giving the same piece of advice whenever it is announcing a major update. According to the search giant, you should focus on delivering the best content that you can to ensure that your search rankings won’t take a hit after a Google update. They also provided a list of questions you should consider when assessing your content.

Google points out that most of the time, there’s nothing to fix on your site following a core update. Also, the search giant reassures everyone that “there’s nothing wrong” with web pages that may perform poorly after a core update.


Final Thoughts

Google routinely implements algorithm updates throughout the year to provide searchers with more relevant and useful search results for better overall user experience. As a site owner or manager, it is up to you to take action to ensure that your site is ready for anything the search giant will throw your way.

Meanwhile, if you have experienced a drop in search ranking or traffic following the Google September 2019 core update, don’t fret. We are here for you and are happy to help! Feel free to speak to our team here at Springhill Marketing to obtain the advice and fixes you need to get back on top of the Google ranks.

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