26 Jun, 2020

How Can an SEO Audit Help Your Northampton Business Website?

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When you sign up for SEO services, one of the things an SEO specialist would do is to audit your website. A website audit is an essential SEO task because it helps you identify the steps that you should take to improve your overall online marketing strategy.

This is something we do here at Springhill Marketing. After all, it can be hard to determine what solutions we should use if we don’t know what’s lacking in our client’s website and why it isn’t ranking well. Similar to a doctor’s diagnosis, an SEO audit should always be the first step to optimisation because it helps ensure that your solutions will be useful and give you the results that you want.

Benefits of Conducting an SEO Audit

Here’s how conducting a web audit can help your website when you sign up for SEO services in Northampton: 

1. Better organic search ranking

Before you can rank well on Google, you should identify and understand the keywords you want to rank for and target. A website audit involves keyword research, which allows you to develop an excellent keyword strategy. When you have a full grasp of the keywords your target audience is using to find products or services similar to yours, you’ll be able to identify what to incorporate in your web content, on-page optimisation, and even in your paid search campaigns. As a result, you’ll get better organic search ranking as compared to when you’re not using relevant keywords in your site. 

2.  More user-friendly website


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Most users hate websites with clunky or very complicated web design. They also hate it when sites don’t load quickly or don’t have good navigation. If you don’t address these issues immediately, your visitors will likely leave as soon as they land on your site. A website audit will help you identify problems with your overall web design, starting with the areas that you need to either improve or simplify. Through this vital step, you can determine what works well with your site’s intended users.


3. Better and more relevant web content

To ensure better search engine indexing, you need to improve critical aspects of your website, such as its page views and bounce rates, as well as the average time users spend on your site. Your web content has a significant impact on these vital areas. By conducting an SEO audit, you’ll be able to understand the types of content that will resonate well with your audience. With better and more relevant web content, you’ll be able to engage your audience better, which will lead to a potential increase in your organic search ranking. 

4. Higher conversion rates


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As a business owner, having a website with high conversion rates certainly helps. It drives sales and ensures that you’ll have a steady stream of leads to potential customers. This is why it’s a good idea to conduct an SEO audit if your site is not converting. A site audit will thoroughly examine crucial areas, such as your landing pages and their design, content, and calls to action, to boost your conversions and ensure that you’ll get excellent returns on investment.

5. Identify other possible sources of revenue

Not all websites that use the keywords you want to rank for are your competitors. Some of them can serve as potential influencers who can promote your business or affiliates you can work with. Through an SEO audit, you can determine who are often linking to your site or content. This will help you discover excellent avenues for building better brand awareness or generating more significant income.

6. Better understand customer behaviour

One of the key insights you’ll receive through an SEO audit is the prevailing traffic trends. You can monitor highs and lows in hourly, weekly, or monthly web traffic, which will help you develop a better understanding of customers’ and web users’ behaviour. With access to such vital knowledge, it will be easier for you to determine when to post new content or release new products for the best result possible.

7. Fix onsite and offsite issues

A wide range of problems can affect not only your site’s search ranking but also its usability and overall performance. These issues include spammy content, irrelevant keywords, unfriendly URLs, and low-quality backlinks. Performing an SEO audit can help you identify potential onsite and offsite problems and fix them before they become worse.

Perform SEO Audits When You Can

As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” Signing up for SEO services in Northampton that include a website audit is undoubtedly an excellent idea. By identifying potential problems with your website, you can apply the necessary fixes. In return, it helps you obtain more traffic, higher search rankings, and better conversion rates amongst many others.

As mentioned earlier, performing an SEO audit is the first step we take here at Springhill Marketing. When optimising our client’s website, we thoroughly examine its every nook and cranny to ensure that we won’t miss any onsite and offsite issue, as well as opportunities for improvement.  If you’re ready for your Northampton business to have a high-performing website, feel free to contact us anytime. We’re always happy to help. 


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