8 Jun, 2022

How to Create Highly Effective Local SEO Content and Get Better Rankings

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As you know, you have to implement various strategies to dominate local search. However, if there’s one tactic you shouldn’t overlook, it’s got to be creating local SEO content. Putting the time and effort into creating content targeting a regional audience is a sure-fire way to attract ideal customers nearby, not those located in other parts of the UK or even from across the globe. 

The competition for local SEO has become more formidable than ever. These days, you’ll notice fewer local results in search engine result pages or SERPs. This is particularly true when performing online queries using mobile devices. 

That being said, you need to step up your local content marketing strategy to pique the interest of relevant audiences and drive more traffic to your website. 

‘Content’ vs ‘Local Content’

Before we define the strategies for creating content that supports your local SEO campaign, first, we need to understand what “local content” is. Local content is pretty much similar to regular content. However, what makes it different is the search intent behind it. 

Writing local content is more than just sprinkling local keywords into your blog or web pages. You must also think about the local users or entities you’re targeting and your semantic relationship with them. In doing so, you’ll be able to craft content that will better resonate with your audience and allow you to forge a deeper connection with them. 

Content Types that Support Local SEO

To make the most of local SEO, here are some of the types of content you should create to target a local audience: 

1. Location-specific landing pages

If your business serves several cities or regions, ensure that your website has location-specific landing pages. Research showed it is much easier to rank in local search engines with location web pages. 

However, see that each local landing page has unique content. It isn’t enough that you modify their keywords. You must also create content tailored for that specific page. Otherwise, Google will flag your website for duplicate content, which can hurt your search ranking. 

2. FAQ page

Besides helping you rank for long-tail keywords, a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page can shorten your prospects’ buying journeys. Your FAQ page can serve as the first point of contact for potential customers when implemented correctly. If they can find all the information they need, they are likely to buy immediately without contacting your customer support team. 

3. Special offers

With the increasing prices of essential goods and commodities, many consumers are looking for ways to minimise their expenses. Why not entice your prospects with a special offer or discount? For instance, you can create special offers tailored to local residents’ needs to give your customers exactly what they want. 

4. ‘Best of’ guides

Nothing says you’re an expert at anything local than this particular type of local SEO content. With a “best of” guide or list, you can provide your readers with the information they need about a topic they like. Furthermore, it offers you an excellent opportunity to incorporate local keywords into your content. 

However, when writing “best of” lists, ensure that they relate to your niche or industry. After all, it won’t make sense to write a guide to the best fishing spots in your location if you run a flower shop. 

5. Community events

Writing about events unique to your city or region is a great way to give your content a local flavour. If you happen to host one, ensure that you write about it to create awareness about your business and drive traffic to your site. 

Things to Remember When Creating Local Content

No matter what type of local SEO content you’re planning to make, see that you consider the following tips to achieve quality results. 

1. Add schema markup

Schema helps Google understand how one piece of content is related to another. Therefore, you should always use schema markup to showcase your expertise and authority. 

2. Research local keywords and incorporate them into your content

As with regular SEO, keyword research is an integral part of local SEO. It helps you identify the topics and the types of content your target audience might be interested in. 

Once you have determined the local keywords you want to rank for, see that you integrate them into your web content. Besides the main body, you can add local keywords to your page titles, meta descriptions, URLs, and main navigation pages. 

3. Use a conversational tone

Writing in a conversational tone can benefit your campaign in two ways. First, it makes you sound more approachable. Second, it allows you to target longer voice search queries. This gives you a significant advantage since 75% of people with smart speakers use voice search to find local businesses. 

4. Complement your content with quality images

Anyone would tell you that web content with accompanying images is more interesting than those with just walls of text. Besides spicing things up, images also help you tell a more compelling story. 

For best results, ensure that you also optimise your web images. Refrain from using stock photos. Instead, incorporate original images that complement the message of your web content. And since more people are viewing websites on their mobile devices, see that your photos are in a square format and have alt text and schema markup to make them more mobile-friendly. 

Beef Up Your Local SEO with Quality Content

Content and SEO always go hand-in-hand. The same is true for SEO’s local variety. This is why taking the time to create quality content that supports your local optimisation strategies can go a long way towards building a better online presence and attracting quality traffic and leads. 

If you need expert help when creating a local content marketing strategy, we at Springhill Marketing are happy to help. Our team of highly experienced SEO specialists can provide you with the expertise you require to achieve your business and marketing goals. Please get in touch with us to get started!

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