1 Nov, 2022

How to Optimise Your Google My Business to Attract More Customers

What is a Good Conversion Rate

If you run a small or medium-sized business in Northampton, one of the most effective ways to attract new customers is to use Google My Business (GMB). Free and easy to use, GMB is a marketing tool that allows you to show up on Google when prospects look you up online.0

GMB Tips and Tricks to Expand Your Customer Base

As with any SEO strategy for Northampton businesses, signing up for GMB is not enough to get the results that you’re expecting. You should also know how to use and optimise your account so you can reach and engage your intended audience, build trust, and attract new prospects. To help you out, here’s what our local SEO team here at Springhill Marketing wants you to know about optimising your GMB profile. 

How to Improve Your Conversion Rates

If you’re attracting a considerable amount of web traffic, but you’re not converting most of them into leads or sales, don’t despair. You can use many strategies to boost your conversion rates. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Provide all the necessary details

After signing up and verifying your GMB account, the first thing you need to do is to fill out your entire profile. Supply Google with all the information it needs about your business, including your contact details, business category, and operating hours amongst others. This will make it easier for the search giant to match your business to your prospects’ search queries.

Also, don’t forget to include related keywords in your profile, as it can boost your relevance. If you don’t know which keywords to include in your profile, use Google Trends. Alternatively, you can also identify the search terms people are using in their queries. For example, let’s say you provide car repair services in Northampton. Use the keywords “car repair Northampton” and take a look at the related topics that will come up.

2. Upload photos

People are visual creatures by nature; therefore, it would help to add visual content to your GMB profile to grab their attention. To start off, make sure to incorporate your company logo in your profile. You should also add a cover photo so it would be easier for your target customers to recognise your brand.

It also helps to upload a photo gallery of your location or products. Research showed that businesses with relevant photos receive 42% more requests for directions and 35% more click-throughs.

3. Keep your GMB profile fresh and up-to-date

As with your business website, you’ll need to keep your Google My Business profile fresh by adding news and updates about your business. For instance, if you have new products or you’re hosting a special event, you can write a blog about it and announce it on GMB. This will help improve your search ranking while encouraging visits to your website or your actual location.

Also, ensure that any information on your GMB profile, such as your contact details, address, and operating hours, are always accurate and updated. If there are changes, you should make the necessary adjustments to your business information as soon as possible to avoid confusion.

4. Take advantage of special features

Depending on your business, you can use special features on GMB to make your profile more interesting and engaging. For instance, if you sell products, you can add product catalogues to your profile, or if you offer services, you can incorporate a service menu and a booking button in your GMB account. On the other hand, if you run a restaurant, you can upload your menus and include a link for reservations and online orders.

You may also include unique attributes in your profile. For example, you should tell your customers if your shop is wheelchair accessible, provides free Wi-Fi, or has been voted as the best business in Northampton. Remember, you should showcase anything that can boost your reputation and pique the interest of potential customers on your GMB page.

5. Ask clients to leave reviews

Client reviews are social proof that you’re a trustworthy and reliable Northampton business. If a person sees that you have tons of satisfied customers, they might choose you instead of your competitor. Customer reviews are also a vital ingredient of search engine optimisation as they can help boost your search ranking.

To encourage customers to leave positive reviews, make sure to provide them with an exceptional experience. Also, don’t forget to respond to their reviews as it helps build trust and show Google that you’re committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.

6. Make the most of GMB Insights

One advantage of having a Google My Business account is that it gives you access to Insights, which can provide you with more helpful and detailed information than those you get from Google Analytics. GMB Insights lets you monitor how many people search for you online, call you, ask for directions to your location, and explore your photos, amongst many others. This will help you determine how you can better optimise your profile and even help you identify the type of content you should create for your audience.

Take Advantage of Your Free GMB Profile

Free and easy to use, a GMB profile can give you the boost you need if you want to attract more prospects. It also allows you to engage your existing customers and build a stronger relationship with them. Just make sure to optimise your profile with the tips we discussed above to get the results you’re expecting.

Not sure about what you’re doing? We’re happy to help. At Springhill Marketing, we can help you make the most of Google My Business and provide you with other strategies that can help you beat the competition. Contact us today and let’s show you what we can do.

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