9 Feb, 2021

What is White Label SEO?

What is White Label SEO

As a digital marketer, you know better than anyone that the way businesses promote themselves has changed significantly over the last few years. Instead of relying solely on traditional advertising methods, business owners these days use various strategies to harness the power of the Internet in order to attract potential customers. A perfect example of these strategies is search engine optimisation. 

The growing popularity of search engine optimisation (SEO) presents digital marketing companies with the perfect opportunity to grow their business, expand their portfolio, and attract new clients. But what if you don’t know anything about SEO? How can you capitalise on this golden opportunity? 

The answer to this question is very simple: by signing up for white label SEO services from a trusted provider such as Springhill Marketing. But what is white label SEO? 

White Label SEO Explained

Also known as white label SEO, this type of service is where marketing or design firms obtain third-party search engine optimisation solutions from a white label agency. In return, the white label company, which is a specialist SEO firm, would be the one to provide the SEO solutions to your clients on your behalf. 

To put it simply, when you obtain white label optimisation services, you’re outsourcing the work to a third-party service provider. The third-party service provider acts as your partner for the duration of your client’s project. 

This practice has been around for years. In fact, many marketing and web development firms these days have been using white label optimisation solutions to provide for the needs of their clients. It is because it allows them to expand their service offering without recruiting SEO specialists into their companies and raising their overhead costs. 

Here’s a quick example to help you better understand the concept behind seeking white label marketing services, specifically SEO. 

Supposed you’re a marketing company who specialises in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. One of your customers is considering further improving their online presence by investing in SEO. As a business owner, you’d certainly want to retain them as a regular client. However, the problem is your knowledge of SEO is limited. 

To remedy this situation, you can enlist the assistance of an SEO service provider. In doing so, you can provide for your client’s needs and, thus, retain their continued patronage. At the same time, it allows you to strengthen your business and expand your portfolio without needing to waste your time studying SEO. 

Worried that you’ll lose your client to the SEO company? Don’t be. Part of the agreement of white label partnerships is that the agency doing the optimisation work will perform the required services under your company’s name. They will also hand over the reports without branding so you can repurpose them as your own. 

The Importance of White Label SEO

Outsourcing your SEO projects to a white label agency that specialises in SEO can provide you with many benefits. This is the primary reason why countless digital marketing firms have been using white label marketing services for years. Here’s why white label SEO is essential to your company’s success. 

1. It helps you grow and strengthen your client base

When it comes to your clients, the benefits of white label SEO services are two-fold. It enables you to attract new clients and, at the same time, it helps you retain your existing ones. 

As illustrated by the example above, outsourcing your customers’ SEO projects to a reliable white label agency allows you to offer online marketing services that are outside of your speciality. By being able to provide for the needs of your customers without fail, this gives them the impression that you’re a reliable company they can always count on for their digital marketing needs. 

2. It helps you expand your business

White label search engine optimisation services can give your brand’s scalability a considerable boost. A trusted company SEO company, such as Springhill Marketing, can provide you with the support you need by taking care of matters that you don’t excel in. This allows you to focus your time and energy on growing your business and improving the qualities that make your company unique. 

3. It allows you to minimise overhead costs

Signing up for white label marketing services is significantly more cost-effective than recruiting a team of in-house SEO specialists. Such services are offered on an “as-needed” basis. As a result, you need not retain the services of a white label company when the project with your client has been completed.  This means you don’t have to pay a team full-time salaries and provide them with other employee benefits. 

Another advantage is that you can repackage the finished SEO projects to reflect your brand. This allows you to sell them off to your customers at a higher cost. 

4. It helps you save time

Besides helping you minimise costs, hiring a white label SEO firm can help you save time and effort. With two companies working on a project, you can get things done at a much faster rate. You can also avoid missed deadlines. More importantly, quicker turnaround time is likely to impress more clients, which would result in more recommendations. 

Also, signing up for white label services is much quicker and less time consuming than hiring and training in-house SEO specialists. When there’s no need to recruit and train someone, you’ll have more time to focus on other important matters. 

5. It allows you to provide clients with better results

Indeed, obtaining white label SEO services enables you to have more time and resources in your hands. Because you’re not spreading yourself too thin, you can focus more on providing your clients with the best possible results. In return, this gives your brand name and reputation a significant boost, which enables you to attract the attention of more potential clients. 

Types of Services White Label SEO Companies Can Provide

Aside from knowing the answer to the question “What is white label SEO?” you should also know what you can expect when you enlist the assistance of an agency offering such a service. White label SEO providers, like us here at Springhill Marketing, offer a range of services designed to help a business, brand, or organisation achieve better rankings on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Below are some of them: 

1.  Keyword optimisation

Keywords are a vital SEO ingredient. Because search engines rely on keywords to serve users with the best and most accurate search results possible, websites need to target the most relevant search terms. This way, they can obtain the best possible rankings on search result pages. 

White label SEO agencies offer keyword optimisation services, which include keyword research. They also determine the best keyword density, value, and length. This is to ensure that your web content and other online marketing campaigns are optimised for the keywords you want to target. 

2. On-page optimisation

On-page optimisation is the process of enhancing and improving various elements of a website to boost its search ranking, as well as its ability to attract relevant traffic and convert leads into customers. It also includes adjusting a site’s loading speed, design, and content amongst many other web elements to provide web visitors with better user experience. 

Also known as onsite SEO, on-page optimisation has three distinct goals:

  • To enable users and search engines to understand better what a site is all about;
  • To illustrate how relevant a webpage is to a user’s search;
  • To show how useful a website is so it would rank well on search engines. 

Signing up for white label SEO will help ensure that your client’s website achieves the goals above. 

3. Content marketing and development

Apart from keywords, content is also an essential part of SEO. After all, without content, search bots won’t be able to crawl and rank websites. 

If content marketing and development is not your company’s forte, don’t fret. A white label agency offering SEO services can provide you with the assistance you need. They can work on your behalf to ensure that your client’s webpages have relevant content and information their target customers are looking for. They can also perform several tasks to boost your client’s online presence, create better brand awareness, and help them engage their customers. These include: 

  • Guest posting
  • Blogging
  • Video creation

4. Link building

Also known as offsite/off-page SEO, link building is the process of obtaining quality backlinks from websites to your own. Backlinks are an essential piece of the SEO puzzle because they are a great source of referral traffic. Also, they contribute to your search ranking. When many websites link to yours, this sends a signal to Google that you’re an industry authority and that your site is a good source of quality information. 

Link building is one of the most challenging aspects of SEO because it requires a significant amount of time and effort. If you neither have the time nor resources to master link building, you can always leave this vital optimisation task in the hands of white label optimisation companies. 

5. PPC services

Although it isn’t technically SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a service also offered by many white label SEO agencies. It can supplement your client’s SEO efforts by driving targeted traffic to their site or landing pages through paid search. 

When looking for a white label PPC company, however, make sure that the agency is an official Google Partner. Having an official Google Ads badge is proof that they only use methods approved by the search giant. It is also a clear indication that they regularly update their strategies to keep up with the changing times. 

6. SEO auditing

An SEO audit is a process wherein the entire website is analysed to determine its ability to rank on Google and other major search engines. It is a vital SEO process because it helps digital marketing experts determine the solutions they need to improve a site’s overall performance. 

A reliable white label marketing service provider will analyse and perform a thorough scan of your client’s website. They will also pinpoint webpages with SEO issues such as: 

  • Broken links or 404 errors
  • Poor loading speed
  • Empty or incomplete meta tags
  • Domain and redirect issues
  • Images that are not compressed and those without alt tags
  • Security problems (HTTPs vs HTTP) 

In some cases, the SEO provider may recommend specific solutions and fixes in the audit report. However, the decision to implement the recommended improvements will ultimately fall on you and your client. 

7. Keyword rank tracking

Tracking your progress is also an integral part of SEO. You need to determine the results of your efforts as it helps you determine the steps you should take next. There are several SEO metrics your client needs to track, but one of the most important ones is their keyword rank. The higher the search ranking of the keywords they are targeting, the more effective their SEO strategies are. 

SEO service providers can track both global and local search rankings depending on the needs of your clients. They can also send reports regularly (usually once every three days, week, or month), or provide the clients with access to their dashboard so they can view their search rankings whenever they please. 

8. SEO reporting and analysis

Speaking of reports, white label SEO providers also offer reporting services. Since clients would want to know the status of their SEO campaigns, you need to provide them with a report that they can easily understand. 

Most brand or business owners don’t have extensive knowledge of SEO. Fortunately, SEO service providers can break down essential digital marketing data into tiny morsels, so non-SEO savvy business owners can easily understand what they mean. As an online marketing firm, this service is a life-saver because you don’t have to create pie charts, graphs, and other resource materials to keep your clients on the loop. 

Take note that SEO reporting and SEO analysis are two different things. Reporting involves providing clients with the information they need to know. Analysis, on the other hand, offers insights and actionable advice on how to improve your client’s website according to the data they have gathered. 

Some service providers offer both, while others only provide one of the two services. Depending on your clients’ needs, make sure to ask the white label company which of the two services they are offering or if they provide both. 

Expand Your Business with White Label SEO Services

White label SEO services can make a significant contribution to the growth and success of your digital marketing firm. If you neither have the expertise nor the human resources to offer the services a long-time client needs, you can always enlist the assistance of a white label agency.  

With the help of a third-party optimisation specialist, you can offer SEO services without needing to recruit an SEO expert or spend time learning the intricacies of search engine optimisation. This allows you to expand your portfolio, grow your company, and increase your reach. More importantly, signing up for white label search engine optimisation solutions enables you to attract new customers, while reducing the risk of long-time clients leaving you for another digital marketing company. 

Keep in mind, however, that the white label marketing services you’ll receive will mostly depend on the white label agency you’ll select. As such, you have to make sure that you’ll choose only the best. At Springhill Marketing, we have built a solid track record for providing our clients with high-quality white label digital marketing solutions. Having worked with countless businesses across different industries, we can assure you that we have the experience and expertise to provide for the SEO needs of your clients. 

Contact us today and take a look at our white label SEO services.

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