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Which is the Best Platform for B2B?


We often get asked ‘Which Social Advertising platform is best for a B2B offering’. The answer of course is never as straight forward as we would hope, but in this short video I provide clear guidance on the factors you need to consider when starting to advertising your business on Social Media.

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Hello! I just really want to quickly take you through some options when it comes to advertising on social media. We all know that social media is taking over our worlds in many aspects personally, as well as for business. Nowadays, every single business we know, already has some social media pages, and profiles that they work with. If you don’t, then you need to be considering that for your own business. But we’re not talking today about posting content and updates to social media, what we’re talking about is using those platforms to advertise to your target audience.

Which Social Advertising platform is best for B2B?

So, it’s the first question that you always gonna have with social media is, ‘Which platform should I choose for my business?’ Now it’s always gonna be different for every single business. So, it’s important that you take these tips I talk about today, but you also talk to us and ask us a few questions so we can guide you in making that decision. So we often find that when a client comes to us, and they only have a preconceived idea of which platform they want to choose for advertising their business, Linkedin is often really high up on the list. Simply because, of course, Linkedin is for professionals, so, it’s perceived that is better for businesses and advertising or promoting your business. But there’s problems with Linkedin, the problems are, the cost per click are very high in comparison to other platforms. Now, the cost per click is how much you pay every time somebody clicks on your adverts and then taken to your website, or they are taken to your your lead capturing option. So, how much you paying for clicks really matters when it comes to advertising.

Facebook has to be considered when you’re choosing your social media platform for advertising.

The other thing to consider, for Linkedin is the fact that the user base, the amount of people who are using Linkedin on a day to day basis, is a lot smaller than the platforms, and for that reason, Facebook has to be considered when you’re choosing your social media platform for advertising, or, any activity on social media. Facebook not only has a huge, huge user base, but also it has the most advanced advertising platforms. That’s really important because, when it comes to advertising your business, you need to be as specific as possible. There’s, no point in us putting those adverts out there and business owners seeing your adverts but it’s not related to them. That means you’ll end up wasting your budget, and wasting opportunities, when you could be spending that budget directing to other parties, other audiences that are better suited to your offering. So thankfully, the systems have really improved over the last few years, particularly, Facebook. There’s just so many options when it comes to the delivering your adverts to the right audiences.

You need to consider Facebook, and the fact that, just because your audience might be spending time on Facebook.

So, consider all the different platforms, consider how much you gonna be paying per click, consider what they are doing on these platforms, and how it relates to your service and offering, and on that note, I would say, you need to consider Facebook, and the fact that, just because they might be spending time on Facebook, posting pictures of their most recent trip to the seaside, or what they ate last night, or, having a moan about what’s happening in politics. These people who are posting things personally on Facebook, they are still at the end of the day, business owners, or your target audience. So when you’re able to post something on social media, the fixes, one of the problems or issues they are having with their business, or their day to day working life, they’re still gonna be clicking through and finding out more about your services and your offering and your solutions. So ignore the fact that social media is often used for personal use, and just think of it as a window to target your perfect target audience.

As always, leave your messages, and comments, and questions, below this video. Let me know if you have particular questions you want to answer, and check out this page and our vlog on our website for future videos.

See you soon! Thanks! Bye!

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