29 Mar, 2021

White Label Marketing: Helping You Build Better Business Models

White Label

With the market already saturated by the competition, building a digital marketing company from scratch is no doubt a challenge. Not only do you have to deal with dozens of more experienced competitors, but you also need to develop your marketing expertise, so you won’t be left behind.

Indeed, joining the online marketing industry as a startup is not a walk in the park. However, there are strategies that you can use to attract more clients and ensure your growth and success in this highly competitive industry. One of these strategies is signing up for white label marketing services. 

What is White Label Marketing?

White labelling is a business model that works like this: a more prominent and more experienced company develops a platform, product, or service. Then, it sells it to other businesses without a label or “unbranded” for profit. The businesses that purchased the product or service can now repurpose and “white label” it as their own before selling it to their customers for an additional fee.

Let’s apply this principle to a marketing company’s standpoint. Let’s say you want to start offering SEO services because it is highly in demand right now. However, you have limited experience and knowledge of search engine optimisation. Instead of spending time and effort to learn about this digital marketing strategy, you decided to purchase the SEO services of a more experienced white label SEO agency and rebrand them as your own.

White labelling can also be applied not only to digital marketing services but also to online ad tech products and platforms such as email automation tools and reporting platforms. 

How White Label Marketing Creates Better Business Models

White label marketing is highly beneficial for smaller digital marketing companies, particularly startups. It allows them to gain a solid footing in a very competitive industry without needing to build everything up from scratch. Here’s how white labelling can help you create a more robust business model. 

1. Instant services

With the help of a white label company, you can build your service offering instantly. You don’t have to spend time and effort learning the various strategies used in effective online marketing to start providing for the needs of your clients.

More importantly, you can start generating profits from products or services built and developed using proven and time-tested methods as soon as possible. Unlike with marketing services and products you established on your own, you are guaranteed to enjoy stability, reliability, and superior quality. This allows you to create an excellent first impression and build a reputation for providing top-notch digital marketing solutions. 

2. New income streams

Let’s say you already have an existing service or product offering. However, you want to expand it more so you can tap into a new market and generate more profits. For this reason, it makes sense to obtain white label digital marketing services.

Supposed your digital marketing agency is currently offering social media and SEO services. With the assistance of a white label Google Ads company, you can extend your services to businesses that need help with advertising on Google.

This enables you to expand your reach and target parts of the market that you weren’t able to before. At the same time, it helps you diversify your current business offering and earn more revenues while giving the competitiveness and scalability of your company a boost. 

3. Efficient business development

White label marketing allows you to grow and develop your company most effectively and efficiently. Because it enables you to tap into a new market and make the most of new income opportunities, you can obtain more funds that will help you scale your business faster.

What’s more attractive about this business strategy is that it allows you to expand your business without requiring you to sacrifice anything. You can focus on promoting your business and further developing its core competencies. You can also create new ways to provide for the needs of your clients without splitting your time between running your company and delivering quality marketing products or services to your customers. 

4. Equal playing field

Small marketing firms often find it very challenging and overwhelming to compete with larger companies. For them, going against a more popular advertising or marketing company is akin to David facing off Goliath. One of the common reasons for this is that they lack the funds and the workforce to offer all the service offerings that larger and more established marketing agencies effortlessly can.

White label digital marketing helps level the playing field for everyone. It allows much smaller marketing agencies to compete with their larger counterparts. It enables them to expand their client base and generate more profits despite having limited funds and human resources. 

5. Services that your clients want and need

It can be disheartening to turn a long-time client down because you cannot provide the services they require. While you can try taking on a new service offering so you won’t say no to your customers again, you will need a significant amount of time and resources to do so. This can be inefficient and uneconomical, particularly when there are only a handful of clients who require this new service.

Partnering with a white label agency enables you to easily add new services to your portfolio so you won’t have to turn down another prospect again. It allows you to quickly and efficiently tailor your service offerings to match and support the needs of your clients. 

6. Lower labour and overhead costs

Obtaining white label services indeed costs money. However, it is more economical and cost-effective than developing new services or building an in-house team from scratch. White label companies offer their services on an “as-needed basis.” Once they are done servicing your clients on your behalf, you are not under any obligation to retain their services. Another benefit of obtaining white label marketing solutions is that you don’t need to go through the entire process of recruiting and training new members of your staff.

In comparison, having a new in-house marketing team means you have to spend additional funds on employee salary. Even if they are not working on a project, you also have to provide them with the required benefits if you don’t want to run afoul of the law. With these considerations in mind, it certainly makes more sense to obtain the services of a trusted white label company. 

Examples of White Label Marketing

If you’re a fledgeling marketing firm that is considering expanding your portfolio, there is a wide array of white label marketing solutions that you can obtain for your business. Here are a few examples. 

opportunities the search engine giant

1. SEO and Google Ads

Since Google is the most popular and widely used search engine the world, it certainly helps business owners to utilise organic and paid search to build a strong online presence. However, search engine optimisation is not an easy task. The same goes for setting up and managing a Google Ads campaign. Fortunately, SEO and Google ads services are amongst the services white label companies usually offer. Signing up for such white label solutions allows you to make the most of the opportunities the search engine giant can provide. 

2. Social media marketing

Social media provides businesses with an efficient and cost-effective way to engage and communicate with both prospects and existing customers. It also enables brands and companies to obtain more leads. However, with limited funds and human resources, some businesses are struggling to leverage the full benefits of social media marketing.

social media marketing

Similar to agencies providing white label SEO and Google Ads services, there are also marketing firms that offer white label social media marketing solutions. Others, meanwhile, provide tools and platforms that automate the social media marketing process. 

3. Email marketing

People send and receive almost 300 billion emails every day, and experts had predicted that this figure would continue to grow in the coming years. These days, many companies are offering white label email marketing platforms. These tools enable brands and businesses of all sizes to send emails to their customers and prospects automatically. By automating the process of sending emails, they can generate leads, communicate with potential clients, and keep their existing customers informed and engaged with ease. 

Help Your Business Succeed with White Label Marketing

As a business owner, you certainly want your marketing agency to grow and succeed. However, due to various challenges, such as fierce competition and insufficient funds and human resources, achieving such goals can be very challenging indeed. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure the success of your marketing firm despite the various difficulties you’re facing. One of them is obtaining white label marketing services.

Signing up for white label digital marketing solutions is the most efficient and economical way to scale your business. It allows you to expand your portfolio and add new income streams that will enable you to provide for the needs of your clients and facilitate the growth and success of your firm.

At Springhill Marketing, we provide white label SEO and Google ads services that can help your marketing agency succeed. Our team of experts will be there to support you in every step of the way so you can deliver quality services to your clients. To learn more about our white label marketing solutions, contact us today.

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