26 Mar, 2021

Content Creation: How Can It Help Your SEO Campaign Succeed?

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If you want to attract your target audience, you’ll need unique and relevant content. Content creation is an SEO requirement that can keep your site ahead of the competition. You’ll find it challenging to convince visitors to stay and spend time on your webpages without it. Now, how can you create the kind of content that will help put your website on top of search results?

Choosing a suitable format

SEO-wise, it’s critical to post articles, such as blogs or how-tos, on your site. They can help convince search engines that you’re an expert at whatever products or services you are promoting. Therefore, use your website to showcase your knowledge and expertise by posting such content pieces. Also, don’t forget to update previously published articles since Google doesn’t like stale content.

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Now, what are the topics you should write about? Obviously, it will depend on what kind of website you have.  For the formats, you can choose to write:

  •       Articles – often well-thought and carefully written.
  •       Blogs –  a short and lighter version of articles.
  •       Listicles – written in the form of a list.
  •       How-tos – offer advice about the use of your products or services.

The first two formats will require some research and adherence to some writing standards. In contrast, the last two are relatively easy to write once you have a particular theme or angle in mind.

Coming up with ideas for your content 

If you find it difficult to choose your content’s theme or topic, consider these following tips.

First, pick a general subject, then narrow it down by looking at it from a certain angle. Here’s an example.

Subject: More people in the UK are going to the gym this year.

Angle: Has the increase in the number of gyms in the UK encouraged people to exercise more often?

You can pick up relevant ideas to write by listening to the conversations of your customers, suppliers, and even competitors.

What are the things most people in your industry are currently talking about? For instance, customers are interested in a specific product or service that you offer. You can write about it and explain its features and benefits. Find out what will encourage people to buy it and include that in the content.  

Another essential source of hot topics is social media. A quick look at Facebook or Twitter can tell you what’s trending at the moment. Study the ongoing conversation about issues that are generating much attention. Even if the event is unrelated, perhaps you can link it to your product or services?

For instance, adopting a healthy lifestyle is becoming a popular topic among your prospective customers. Could you somehow relate that to the product you’re selling, such as watches, for instance?  

Keep in mind, however, that any piece you write should attract and engage your target audience. It’s useless to write about health and fitness if these topics don’t appeal to your customers. Find and write about things that can attract potential customers to your site.

The importance of writing new and unique content

One major content creation sin you should avoid is repeating your content. It’s a tempting tactic since it helps build your content volume. However, once you get caught by Google, your site’s search ranking will suffer. If you find two or more of your pages sharing similar ideas or content, re-word the other pages differently.

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Producing regular, updated and relevant information is critical to improving your site’s search rankings. It can help establish your website as an authority in your niche or industry. It also encourages readers and potential customers to trust and rely on your brand.

Optimising your content for search engines

Content is a critical element of your SEO strategy. It’s the reason why people use the Internet. Also, search engines prioritise fresh content, which is why you need to update your site continuously.

Using the right keywords can increase your web traffic in a matter of days, even hours. However, the best keywords for generating significant traffic are mostly long-tail ones.

A recent survey shows that Google seems to be penalising sites with short content. Also, the current trend amongst marketers is to post articles or blogs with at least 1,000 words. However, length doesn’t guarantee a jump in ranking.

You can hook the reader’s interest immediately if your introduction is persuasive enough. The introduction is the section after the title. It should have a minimum of one keyword, preferably a long-tailed one. 

Take Away

Content is key to any SEO strategy. Without it, users will have little reason to visit your website, much less stay. That said, the mere presence of endless text isn’t enough. You need to have content that readers find useful and relevant. While there are different content formats to choose from, you must attract the reader’s interest early on. To rank in search engines, consider optimising your content with keywords, especially the long-tail variety.

Content planning will require a sound SEO strategy and expertise. If you’re not sure how to proceed with your content creation, consider talking to us. At Springhill Marketing, you can ask and obtain all the answers and insights you need regarding optimisation and other SEO tools. 

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