30 Aug, 2021

Google Ads Roll Out Changes for Phrase and BMM Keywords

Phrase and BMM Keywords

When it comes to running a Google Ads campaign, choosing your keywords carefully is crucial to your success. By adding to your ads the search terms your prospects are using in their online queries, it will be easier for you to reach people looking for products or services similar to yours. This will give you more exposure, leading to more traffic and leads or sales for your business. 

Google has announced recently that it is tweaking how phrase and BMM keywords work to help businesses reach their customers more quickly and easily. According to the search giant, the keywords you’re bidding on are now more relevant to a user’s search intent

With better and more improved phrase match and broad match modifier keywords, it will be easier for you to reach your target customers, regardless of how they use Google to find the things they need. 

What You Should Know About the Updated Phrase Match Keywords

There are two notable benefits you can enjoy from Google Ads’ recent improvements. They are: 

1. More accurate ads

Prior to the updates, marketers were able to reach prospects through the following keyword match types: 

  • Exact match for precision
  • Broad match for reach
  • A combination of phrase and BMM to get the best of both worlds 

However, with the recent changes, you can enjoy the benefits phrase and broad match keywords can offer without having to combine them. Phrase match keywords can attract extra BMM keyword traffic while still maintaining their word order. To put it simply, you can reach potential customers just by using phrases or exact match keywords without worrying about your ads accidentally showing up for unwanted searches. 

For instance, suppose you’re a moving company targeting customers who are planning to leave Northampton. With the improved phrase match, you can target customers interested in relocating from Northampton to London, without your ads showing up for searchers who want to move from London to Northampton

2. Streamlined keyword management

Besides making your ads more accurate, the recent update also makes it easier for marketers and business owners like you to manage their Google Ads campaigns. This enables you to save time and effort, allowing you to focus on more critical tasks, such as developing new products or services that will solve your customers’ problems. 

Google to Phase Out Support for BMM

Previous studies have shown that phrase and BMM keywords often behave the same way. Since the two of them will now be using the same matching behaviour, Google announced that it would no longer support broad match modified keywords. This means you won’t be able to create new BMM keywords for your ads. 

The good news is that this won’t take effect until July 2021, when the update has been rolled out globally. You can still use existing BMM keywords in your campaign, and they will follow the new matching behaviour. Also, you don’t need to migrate your keywords and you can still keep your performance data. 

How to Make the Most of These Latest Changes

In light of these recent changes, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your campaigns’ success. 

1. Keep track of your ads’ performance

Monitor your ads closely since web traffic is expected to fluctuate while the update is being rolled out. If you notice a significant drop in traffic, make the necessary changes to your ads to improve their performance. 

2. Keep track of your ‘Recommendations’ page

Check your Recommendations page from time to time to know how you can further streamline your campaigns. For instance, “Add new keywords” enables you to maintain coverage while “Remove redundant keywords” helps prevent you from bidding on the same search terms. 

3. Incorporate negative keywords into your ads

If you haven’t tried using negative keywords in your campaign, now is a good time to do so. These keywords help prevent your ads from showing up for irrelevant queries. What’s more, the recent updates on phrase and BMM keywords do not affect negative search terms.  

Always Use the Best Keywords

With Google changing how phrase and broad match keywords work, paying attention to the search terms you’re targeting is now more crucial than ever. Because your campaign’s success hinges on your choice of keywords, you should always do your research, pay attention to their performance, and make the necessary adjustments when needed. 

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