12 Mar, 2021

How to Improve Your Online Sales with SEO


Does your website struggle with lack of traffic and sales conversion?

If yes, then Springhill Marketing can help you overcome this obstacle by overhauling your digital marketing strategy. By doing so, you can obtain more customers and repeat business.

We also recommend you include a suitable search engine optimisation strategy in your digital marketing campaign. Here are some pointers on how you can improve your online sales with SEO. Consider incorporating them into your marketing strategy.

1. Conduct keyword research first

Keywords can influence how often your website can appear in the search results pages. If you use the right keywords, a potential customer is more likely to discover your site and avail your service.

Springhill Marketing recommends numerous tools you can use in your keyword research, including Keyword Planner (Google) or Keyword Research Tool (Bing). It will help you discover the keywords often used by your target customers. You can also determine the competitiveness and popularity of the keywords if you’re running Google Ads.   

2. Create content that readers will trust

You need to convince your readers about the benefits of your products or services. While you want to impress prospective customers avoid making statements that may mislead them. As an SEO agency, we strongly encourage our clients to provide realistic expectations from their products or services.

3.  Sell everywhere but optimised for local searches

Here’s another way to improve your online sales with SEO. Your website can help you promote your products or services anywhere in the world. However, if most of your customers live within the vicinity of your business office, you should also optimise your site for local searches. If you have a global brand, direct your customers to the nearest location to obtain your products.

4. Use social media

Facebook or Twitter are popular social media sites where you can engage potential leads and customers. On your website, you can add links to your social network pages. This will help your visitors share your content to other prospective customers. Since sharing content on social media is free, you should take advantage of such advertising.  

5. Write unique and relevant product descriptions

Search engines seek to provide users with unique and relevant content. However, many online businesses prefer copy-pasting the content or use product descriptions furnished by manufacturers.

The previously published descriptions no longer make your site’s content unique. Search engines may even flag your pages for plagiarism. To create pages that are indeed your own, consider:

  • Writing a product description that gives readers an accurate depiction of your products or services.
  • Encouraging customers to write reviews or testimonials about the products they bought.

6. Optimise pages based on your audience’s preferences

You need to optimise your product or service pages based on the preferences of your prospective customers. To help you discover what those preferences are, you’ll have to conduct some research. Once you learn about the search terms commonly used by your customers, incorporate them in the:

  • Product pages
  • Headline
  • Page title
  • Product description

For instance, if you’re offering accounting services, you need to understand how potential clients find your services through search engines. You may also have to account for regional variations when people use search engines. Springhill Marketing can help in this area.

7. Add keywords to your URL

You should ensure that even your URLs can communicate your web content to your audience. Therefore, make sure that your URLs contain the right keywords. It will also help improve your site’s chances of ranking well on Google and other search engines for specific keywords.

8. Optimise product images

Images can significantly influence a customer. If the picture quality is terrible, it may turn them off. Make sure to provide high-quality photos so visitors can visualise the essential characteristics of your products. 

9. Post reviews


Customers can be fickle. They can leave your page anytime. Fortunately, product reviews can persuade them to stay longer on your site and buy. Besides posting reviews, you should also display related products that could interest your customers. It will provide your visitors with an engaging experience that can lead to a sale. 

10. Check your competitors

Competitors can help provide insights to your SEO campaigns. You can study their marketing strategy and adopt them if they are suitable for yours.

11. Improve your site’s loading speed

Consumers don’t like slow websites. After all, they have numerous sites to choose from.  As a rule, your website should only take three seconds or less to load. Otherwise, you should make the necessary adjustments. 

12. Strive to build quality links

Links can help make your site more trustworthy. However, when it comes to building links, Springhill Marketing always prioritised quality over quantity. If even one low-quality website is linking to you, Google may penalise you. We can help you with your link-building strategy.

13. Add videos to your site

Posting videos is another way to improve your online sales with SEO. It can help you engage your visitors and persuade them to buy. You can use the videos to demonstrate how your product works or how to take care of it. You can also post video testimonials from your satisfied customers.

14. Create FAQ pages

Customers may have questions about your products, especially if they are complicated to use or operate. If visitors can’t find the answers on your website, they will look elsewhere – probably your competitors.


Encourage your visitors to stay and satisfy their queries by creating an FAQ page. We can help you provide all the relevant information your customers need that could lead to a successful sale. 

Take Away

If used correctly and consistently, SEO strategies can help your website achieve your target sales and revenue. It will also help ensure that your website will obtain maximum online visibility. Furthermore, these strategies can help you win over your customers.

SEO is a complicated endeavour that will require experience, skill, and patience. If you’re unsure of what steps to take, why not contact us at Springhill Marketing? We can provide you with the assistance and insight that you’ll need when optimising your website.

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