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Image Link Building: How to Get Quality Backlinks Using Images

Image Link Building How To Get Quality Backlinks Using Images

Creating a comprehensive guide or article related to your industry is a great way to use the power of web content to build authority and increase your search ranking. However, did you know that adding images to your written content can make it more effective? Because humans are visual creatures by nature, your audience is more likely to read to the end of your content if it has images that would keep them engaged. 

Besides keeping your audience engaged and interested, web images can also provide you with many excellent link building opportunities. Image link building is a crucial SEO strategy that can help you gain better online visibility, online authority, and quality referral traffic.

Types of Images That Can Help You Generate Backlinks

Web images are natural backlink magnets because they are embeddable. When people use and embed them in their content, they often cite and link back to their source. If you’re considering creating images as part of your offsite SEO strategy, here’s what you should make to get better results.

1. Infographics

Infographics combine attractive visuals with informative text to shed light on a particular topic or issue. What’s more, they are easy to share and digest. Although their popularity has seen a bit of a decline over the last few years, they can still help you generate more backlinks to your site, especially if they are designed well. 

2. Your logo

Did you know that your logo can help you attract excellent link building opportunities? For starters, it’s already in various parts of your site. Second, it may appear on other websites, particularly if you’ve written a guest post or did business with another company. This is why you should keep an eye on possible places where your logo may appear and ensure it is linking back to your site. 

3. Graphs, charts, and maps

Because of the valuable information they contain, graphs, charts, and maps have traditionally been a -great source of backlinks. This is why they are something you should consider creating as part of your link building strategy

Consider the following tips when creating these images: 

  • Always conduct research to ensure that the data you’re presenting is factual and accurate.
  • Present the information in a way that is easy to digest and understand.
  • Ensure that the image has a link back to your site.

If you don’t have the time to create your own charts and graphs, you can still use them to obtain backlinks. For instance, you can reference a report from a third-party website. Then, take a screenshot and use it as an image in your content. Just make sure to credit the report’s original author. While the report doesn’t technically belong to you, the screenshot can be attributed to you. 

4. Memes and GIFs

Want to make things more fun? Consider adding GIFs and memes to your written content if you haven’t done it already. They are pretty popular these days, and many people like to share a good one, which means plenty of image link building opportunities for you. Just make sure to use them properly and tastefully. You can also create your own memes and GIFs using online meme generators if you want something unique and original. 

5. Product photos

Do you sell stuff online? If you do, you can use your product photos to build links to your site. For best results, use high-quality photographs. If you have an extra budget, consider hiring a professional photographer and do a brand photoshoot.

How to Build Links with Images

Once you’ve created the images discussed above, here’s how you can generate backlinks from them: 

1. See if the images have the proper attribution

If other websites have embedded the image you created, make sure they link back to your site. If the image has incorrect attribution, you can reach out to the site owner to remedy the situation. Locate the email address of the site owner or the writer of the post and ask them to use the correct link. 

2. Ensure that you’re always credited for the image you created

While most people will credit you for your image, some will conveniently forget to do so. Therefore, make sure that your pictures are not being used without your permission. 

To catch sites using your pictures without your knowledge, do a reverse image search on Google. Paste the image’s URL on Google. Then, check the results to make sure that: 

  • Your image is indeed on the page.
  • The site using it is not crediting you properly.
  • You want to get a backlink from this site. 

If the search result meets these criteria, reach out to the site owner and ask for proper attribution. 

3. Continue creating images that can give you backlinks

Since you can only obtain so many link building opportunities from existing images, you should continue making new pictures to generate backlinks. You can use the TRUST formula to ensure the success of your image link building campaign. 

a. Trending topics

Use Google News to find trending topics that are relevant to your business. 

b. Research and analysis

Find data about the trending topic. Then, analyse and extract valuable insights from its data. 

c. Unique

It also helps to obtain unique and interesting viewpoints from your research material. 

d. Simple visual

As mentioned earlier, you should present the information engagingly and straightforwardly.

e. Tactical promotion

After creating your image, make sure to spread the word about it by promoting and sharing it on social media and other relevant channels.

Enhancing Digital Marketing Strategies with AI-Generated Images

AI-generated images can offer compelling visuals.  Nevertheless, you need to understand the legal and ethical implications of using these images. Here’s a practical guide to navigating the use of AI-generated images.

1. Understanding Midjourney’s Image Usage Policy

As a Midjourney subscriber, you gain ownership of the images you create, even after your subscription ends. You can use these images in various digital marketing mediums.


  • If you upscale another user’s image, the enhanced version belongs to the original creator. Their permission is necessary for usage.
  • Businesses with annual revenues exceeding $1,000,000 require a Pro or Mega Plan for commercial use of images.

2. Leveraging DALL-E for Commercial Purposes

DALL-E allows for the commercial use of images you create, offering the flexibility to incorporate them into diverse formats such as websites, books, and presentations. It’s essential to attribute this content to your name or company correctly. 

Additionally, be transparent about the involvement of AI in creating these images. This disclosure should be clear and straightforward, making it easy for your audience to understand the use of AI in your content creation process.

3. Utilising Bing DALL-E with Copyright Considerations

In the United States, images generated by AI, like those from Bing DALL-E, are not covered under copyright laws, as humans do not create them. To identify their origin, Bing embeds an invisible watermark in these AI-generated images. This watermark on the image contains details such as Bing’s information and the date and time.

Practical Tips:

  • Always ensure your use of AI-generated images aligns with the specific platform’s terms of service.
  • Be transparent with your audience about the use of AI-generated images.
  • Use these images to boost the visual appeal of your web content, making it more engaging and shareable.

Ensure you follow the guidelines of platforms like Midjourney, DALL-E, and Bing DALL-E. This approach respects legal boundaries and aligns with ethical marketing practices, ensuring a positive and transparent relationship with your audience.

Use Web Images to Your Advantage

Images are a powerful tool when it comes to getting your brand out there. When used properly, they can help you build authority, increase your search ranking, and drive more traffic and leads to your site. As such, consider the tips discussed above to obtain more high-quality backlinks. 

If you need help building quality backlinks to your site, we at Springhill Marketing can assist you. Our team can lend you their SEO expertise so you can generate more traffic and enquiries for your website. Please speak with us, and let’s create an SEO strategy tailored for you.

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