30 May, 2022

The Top 10 Most Expensive PPC Keywords

Most Expensive PPC Keywords

One of the advantages of promoting your business with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is that you don’t need a considerable amount of money to get the results you want. While having a substantial marketing budget does help (since it allows you to bid on more expensive keywords), it is not required. As long as you have an excellent strategy, you can achieve your marketing goals with Google Ads and other PPC platforms. 


Keywords That Could Put a Huge Dent on Your Budget

Want to achieve great success with Google Ads? You should consider using less popular but more relevant keywords. Depending on your strategy, they can help you get the job done without the exorbitant costs.

However, if you’re curious and you want to know the most expensive PPC keywords, we’ve compiled a list of search terms with the highest cost per click (CPC) on Google. If you want to use the following keywords in your campaign, make sure you are financially prepared. 

  1. Insurance – $54.91/£39.44
  2. Gas/electricity – $54.62/£39.23
  3. Mortgage – $47.12/£33.85
  4. Attorney – $47.07/£33.81
  5. Claim – $45.51/£32.69
  6. Loans – $44.28/£31.81
  7. Lawyer – $42.51/£30.53
  8. Conference call – $42.05/£30.20
  9. Recovery – $42.03/£30.19
  10. Donate – $42.02/£30.18

You’re probably wondering why these keywords are so expensive. These keywords cost a lot because there are a lot of people or enterprises bidding on them. These people consider these search terms highly valuable for their business, which, in turn, drives their CPCs. 

What to Do If Your Business is in an Expensive Niche

You’ve probably noticed that some of the most expensive PPC keywords are those often used in the financial industry, such as insurance, loans, and mortgage. It is because the financial sector and other similar niches usually have a very high lifetime customer value. Competition in these industries can be tough, too, so business owners are doing everything they can to attract the attention of potential customers.

If you’re in an expensive niche and you want to use the power of Google to promote your business, here’s what you can do to succeed while minimising your marketing expenses. 


1. Improve your ads’ quality score

Quality score is the rating system Google uses to determine the overall user experience your ads and landing pages provide when people use the keywords you’re targeting. The highest score is 10, while the lowest is 1.

Keeping your quality score high is an effective way to keep your CPC low, even for the most popular keywords. You can do this by finding the best and most relevant keyword niches. It is also a great idea to break up large keyword lists into smaller ones. This will make it easier for you to create targeted ads and reach particular segments of your audience. 

2. Use long-tail keywords

Instead of targeting broad match keywords, you should go for long-tail keywords. These keywords are more specific. Also, users in the final stages of the sales funnel utilise long-tail keywords in their online queries. Incorporating these search terms into your ads will increase your chances of finding a lead or making a sale. 


3. Include negative keywords in your campaign

Make sure that your ads won’t show up for relevant searches. Otherwise, it could cost you a lot of money once a user clicks on them. For this reason, you should incorporate negative keywords into your PPC campaign. These keywords will prevent your ads from showing up for irrelevant searches, thus, minimising your risk of incurring expensive clicks that will never result in conversions. 

4.  Optimise your landing pages

Optimise your landing pages to make sure that each click on your ad will result in a conversion. If you have multiple offers, it would be wise to create separate landing pages for them instead of directing them to the same page or worse, your home page.

The average conversion rate across different industries is around 2%. However, there are landing pages with 20% or even 30% conversion rate. Test your landing pages and try different strategies and offers to improve their performance and increase your conversion rates. 


5. Consider Google Display Network

You might also want to consider creating display ads to complement your existing text ads. The Google Display Network enables you to reach prospects with display ads while they are visiting websites, watching a YouTube video, or checking out their Gmail inbox. This strategy provides an effective way to build brand awareness while minimising your dependence on the most expensive PPC keywords. 

Build a Better PPC Strategy

Using the most popular keywords in your PPC campaign indeed has benefits. However, because they are quite expensive, they can quickly drain your marketing budget. Fortunately, there are ways to reach your target audience without relying too much on popular yet costly keywords.  You can start by improving your ads’ quality score and optimising your landing pages. You can also find alternatives to expensive keywords, such as negative keywords, long-tail search terms, and display ads.

Want to know how you can maximise your Google Ads budget and obtain the best possible results? We can help. Speak with us today at Springhill Marketing and our team will provide you with the solutions you need to attract more traffic and leads.

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