5 Simple Ways to Craft Exceptional PPC Ad Content

Managing a successful PPC campaign is more than just setting the right budget, choosing the most relevant keywords, and making the right bids. Because you’d want to get the best ad placement on search engine result pages or SERPs possible, it’s vital to do everything you can to attract and engage your prospects through your ads.

An essential element of a compelling PPC ad is the content. When written convincingly, it can convert an undecided lead into an eager customer or subscriber. Since users rely on what’s written on the ads to determine if your product or service is the one for them, you should do everything you can to ensure that your ad content can drive your message home.


How to Write Better PPC Ads

The best performing PPC ads use ad content that speak to their target audience. Here’s what you can do to improve the quality of your PPC ad content.



1. Add statistics to your headlines

Previous studies revealed that most of us have specific preferences because of our environment. We like certain things because of social norms and expectations. For instance, we choose a particular brand of toothpaste only because our family or friends are using it.

For this reason, you should make it easier for your prospects to decide by showcasing how your product/service is better and more popular than the others. You can do this by adding statistics or numbers, which show how popular you products and services are, to your ad titles.

For example, you can say that your product is 95% effective or 8 out of 10 people love your service. Not only can it help you gain popularity, but including stats in your ads can help you obtain authority.



2. Appeal to your audience’s worries and egos

Many customers are looking for specific products or services because they are worried, in pain, or they want to improve their current situation. Some buy certain products as a status symbol. For this reason, you can significantly improve the performance of your PPC ads by crafting ad content that speaks to their worries and egos.

Find out what drives your prospects to make specific purchase decisions. If you’re using Google Ads, you can do this by clicking on the Search Terms tab and viewing your search terms report. Here you can find the search queries your customers are using to find your products or services online.

Armed with vital information, you can now create headlines, descriptions, and even ad extensions showing that your offering is the best solution to their problem. Since many people buy to gain social validation, you can also write your PPC ad content in a way that will make your target audience see that you can help them look good in front of their peers.



3. Use emotional triggers

Most people don’t know why they like something. Based on experience, many consumers buy things only because it feels right, not because of a factual or logical reason. As a famous copywriter and Damn Fine Words founder and creator James Chartrand put it, “We buy on emotion and justify with logic.” 

If you’re keen on improving your sales or lead generation, one way to appeal to your audience is through their emotions. Sell the value proposition of what your business is offering to make your prospects feel excited and arouse their curiosity. This strategy is particularly useful if you’re in an industry that deals with highly personal issues such as law or health and fitness. Because many people make purchase decisions according to what they are feeling, using emotional triggers (especially in your headlines) is a great way to increase your click-through and conversion rates. 



4. Showcase the benefits of your offer

Speaking of value proposition, make sure to highlight the benefits of your product or service. Tell your audience how you can solve their problems. It helps if your prospects understand right from the start what they will get when they purchase your product/service. Additionally, it allows you to stand out of the crowd.

Showcasing the benefits of what you’re offering also has a technical advantage. First, it improves the relevance of your PPC ad content to your keywords and landing page, which can help improve your ad’s quality score. With a better quality score, you can reduce your cost-per-click and obtain better placements on Google.



5. Run tests

Run tests to identify the ad copywriting strategy that works well with your audience. If you’re using different copywriting tactics, it can also help you determine which of them has the most impact on your conversion rates.

When running tests, the areas you should pay close attention to include:

  • Headlines
  • Descriptions
  • Call to action
  • Keywords

Apart from your ad content, it also helps to test your landing pages. If your ads are still not converting despite being popular amongst your audience, there might be a problem with their respective landing pages.



Writing good ad content is key to a successful PPC campaign. However, keep in mind that creating PPC ads doesn’t end with writing good content. You must continuously improve and tweak your ads. This way, you can see what works well and will give you a better return on investment.

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