19 Feb, 2021

6 SEO and Google Ads Myths You Should Stop Believing in 2024

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SEO and Google Ads are two platforms that you should consider adding to your overall online marketing strategy if you haven’t done it already. Helping you attract more target traffic and qualified leads to your website, they enable you to expand your online visibility and increase your conversions without requiring a huge budget.

However, similar to other marketing strategies, SEO and Google Ads are rife with myths and fallacies. These SEO and Google Ads myths often confuse business owners and even discourage them from giving the said marketing strategies a try. While many people believe these myths, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are correct. 

Debunking Common SEO and Google Ads Myths

If you’re interested in using SEO and Google Ads to attract more prospects and boost your conversions or sales, it’s time that you stop believing in the following: 

1. SEO is a one-time thing

If you think optimising your website for search engines is a one-time activity, think again. SEO is an ongoing process, primarily because Google always updates its search algorithms.

Another reason for this is that the way people use the Internet and search for information online is continuously changing. The keywords and topics that may be trending today may be irrelevant tomorrow. As such, rather than a one-time strategy, you should consider SEO as an ongoing investment that would help strengthen your website from here on out. 

2. People don’t click on Google Ads

Are you reluctant to use Google Ads to promote your website because you think people won’t click on your ads? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. This seems to be a common belief held by many business owners. 


You might be surprised to find out that most online users can’t tell Google Ads and organic search results apart. And even if they can, they are still likely to click on an ad if it has the information they need. In recent years, Google has also made sponsored ads to look so much like organic search results. As a result, users are clicking on Google Ads more often than before. 

3. SEO is dead

This is one of the SEO and Google Ads myths that have been going around for a very long time. It is also one of the reasons why some business owners are reluctant to invest in SEO. However, SEO being dead is far from the truth, especially with the advent and growth of mobile devices with Internet capabilities.

SEO is Dead

These days, it is common to use search engines, whether on mobile or desktop computers, to look up information about products, services, current events, and even random topics. Another reason why SEO isn’t dead is that it remains an effective scalable growth channel, particularly for companies offering specialised services. Therefore, if you want your clients to find you easily online, it makes sense to utilise SEO. 

4. You’ll need a significant marketing budget for Google Ads

One of the advantages of using Google Ads is that it allows small businesses to compete against more prominent brands and companies with a more sizable marketing budget. It is because you only pay for each click your ad receives. If you have the right strategy in place, then each click you’ll get is hopefully from someone interested in what you’re offering.

Indeed, having a significant marketing budget helps as it gives you more leeway and the opportunity to run more campaigns. However, it is not an absolute requirement for your success. 

5. You only need a high number of links to get top Google rankings

Obtaining a significant amount of links will indeed help you rank higher. When more websites link to yours, it sends a signal to Google that you’re an authority in your niche/industry and a reliable source of relevant information. 

However, SEO is more than just building quality links. It’s also about creating quality content that fulfils your audience’s needs and matches their search intent. It’s also about providing your web visitors with better online experience by improving your site’s navigation, page loading times, and overall web design amongst many others. Therefore, to find success with SEO, you need to optimise every part of your site, not just obtain quality backlinks. 

6. You can run a Google Ads and SEO campaign on your own

Believing in the myth that you can run a Google Ads campaign on your own and make it profitable despite your lack of knowledge and experience can get you in deep trouble. For starters, using Google Ads to promote your business successfully is not exactly a walk in the park. The same thing applies to SEO. Both marketing strategies require time, effort, and dedication to obtain the results that you want.

For example, here at Springhill Marketing, we have spent years refining our SEO and Google Ads knowledge and strategies to the point where we can make them work for our clients and us. Because Google often changes the rules of the game, every day is also a learning experience for us.

This extensive and time-consuming learning process can be daunting for a business owner like you. With your plate already full with various responsibilities, you certainly don’t need to add more tasks to it. As such, it’s better to seek professional help than attempt to run a Google Ads or SEO campaign on your own. 

Know What Is True

Myths are called “myths” for a reason. Unless there are facts to support a claim, you shouldn’t readily believe what you read or hear about SEO and Google Ads. These two marketing platforms remain as some of the most effective and most rewarding ways to get your brand or business out there. Therefore, it’s about time that you stop believing in myths and start incorporating these strategies into your overall marketing campaign.

At Springhill Marketing, we operate on the principles of honesty and integrity. As a Google-certified agency, we pride ourselves in providing SEO and Google Ads solutions that work and give our clients a more significant return on investment. Contact us today if you’re done believing in myths so we can take you to the next stage of your journey.

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