3 Aug, 2020

7 Proven Tips for Writing Google Ads That People Can’t Ignore

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Many digital marketers use Google Ads because it’s well-tested and reliable in bringing in revenues and leads. Since Google is the most popular and widely used search engine, it can reach any target market regardless of your product or service.

However, with so many competitors, having paid ads alone isn’t enough. You need to create ads that can entice readers to click the link to your landing page. If you want to know how you can make Google Ads work for you, consider the following tips.

1. Write ads that appeal to your target audience


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Most users are more likely to click on ads that help solve their problems or satisfy their needs. When creating ads, make sure they can appeal to your audience’s wants and desires. Write them in a way that will help your readers visualise how your products or services make their life better.

2. Add numbers to your headlines

You want your ads to engage your prospective customers in the quickest possible way. One proven method of catching their attention early on is by including numbers or statistics in the title or initial sentence of your ads. For instance, you can place the price of your products in the title. It can help persuade potential customers to click on your link.

3. Create excitement and anticipation

Eliciting powerful emotions from your target audience is a technique that can guarantee favourable results. It’s the reason why readers find ‘clickbait’ articles compelling since their content can provoke either positive or negative emotions.

However, it’s better to stick to ads that can evoke positive emotions. If you choose the negative route, it may affect how people perceive your products or services.

4. Look for keywords that your leads and customers are using


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Keyword research is a time-consuming yet essential task if you want to create efficient paid ads. It helps you determine how many people are searching for a particular product or service. To reduce time and much of the guesswork, you can use software such as SEMRush. For instance, with this tool, you might discover that only a handful of people are using your keywords in any given month. Such information can help you decide if continuing to use them is worth the time and effort or not.

If you’re aiming for more sales, you can identify the size of your target market based on the keywords used by potential customers.

If your competitors are also using Google Ads, you can study their ads and identify the keywords they are using. See if their search terms are compatible with your business. If they are, consider bidding on them, too. Even if you don’t win in the bidding, it will give you some idea on the amount of budget needed to run a Google Ads campaign.

If the bids are too high, you can shift tactics. You can look for other keywords that are cheaper but also widely used by your potential customers.

Make sure to also determine how effective your keywords are. If you have several popular keywords but have no idea which one works best for your ads, consider performing an A/B split test. It’s a process where you launch two or more ads that contain each of the keywords. The word or phrase that generates the most number of sales or has the lowest bids is the one you should choose.

5. Ensure that your ads are readable in every screen

Google expanded the length of the ad text a few years ago. While it increases the characters you can use, it won’t automatically translate to more significant sales. Desktop users can read the full text. However, it’s a different story for smartphone users. Often, the screen size isn’t enough to include the third headline and the second description line.

Insufficient screen space can disrupt your ad’s compelling message to prospective customers. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you don’t use all the available characters. The important thing is to make your ads readable no matter what device your audience is using to view them.

6. Pre-empt any possible objections

In any product or service you offer, people may find some reasons why they can’t buy from you.  However, if you’re in an industry with fierce competition, there are plenty of ways to come on top. For example, you can offer freebies or discounts on your website.

7. Emphasise the benefits

Telling people how awesome your product or service is may not elicit the reaction that you hope. Instead, you should focus on the benefits your prospects will receive. For instance, selling a house because some movie star once owned it can generate interest. However, you’ll get a more positive response if you mention:

  • The selling price is below market value
  • Located in an upscale neighbourhood
  • Recently renovated and refurbished
  • Near shops and parks

Take Away

Google Ads can reach a wide audience, but using them isn’t enough. You need to ensure that your content can entice and elicit a positive response from your prospects. Your ads should excite people and make them interested in your products or services. On the technical side, you have to consider searching for and using the right keywords. Your ad content should also appear clear and legible in any user’s screen.

Writing effective ads requires both experience and expertise. Obtaining input from knowledgeable SEO and Google Ads experts will help you craft engaging ad content and achieve your sales target. If you need assistance in creating well-optimised ads, you can contact us here at Springhill Marketing.

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