20 Oct, 2021

9 Steps to Creating an Audience-Focused SEO Marketing Strategy

seo marketing strategy

If you want to generate significant online traffic, present your site to the right people – your target audience. Once you get their attention, make sure to engage them with your content.

You must optimise your website to impress visitors and convert them to customers. Springhill Marketing offers the following suggestions for your SEO marketing strategy.

1.   Create a landing page for every product or service

If you sell several products or services, you’ll need a separate landing page for each of them. For instance, let’s say you’re offering products with different varieties or categories, such as:

  •   Rubber shoes
  •   Formal shoes
  •   Sneakers

Each section should also include content that accurately:

  •   Describes the product
  •   List downs the benefits of using it
  •   Tells the reasons why people should buy it from your site

As an SEO strategy, it works for two reasons:

  • If potential customers are using specific search terms, such as ‘rubber shoes,’ consider creating a landing page about ‘rubber shoes.’ This will help convince the search engine’s algorithm to rank your page up for that search term.
  • If people land on that particular landing page, it can enhance your authority and reputation as the site to visit for the search term, ‘rubber shoes.’

When creating these kinds of pages, Springhill Marketing recommends:

  •  Making sure the content is at least 500 words.
  •  Never overload your content with keywords. A page shouldn’t have a keyword density of more than 3%. To ensure that you’re within the limit, divide the keywords by the total word count and multiply it by 100. 

2.   Set up a location page and directory citation

If you have several physical stores, consider creating a location page for each of them. They will act as your local homepage and help increase your search ranking once people start visiting them.

Also, listing your physical stores and website on local directories can provide you with backlinks. Springhill Marketing uses this SEO strategy to help boost a website’s search engine ranking and sales. To ensure the success of your directory citation:

  •  Choose directories with high domain authority, such as Yelp or YellowPages.
  •  Check and list your complete details – business name, contact person, address, and contact number.

3.   Assure visitors of your site’s security

You need to assure customers and web visitors that their details, such as credit card information, are safe. Securing an SSL certificate for your site is one way of obtaining their trust. An ‘HTTPS’ protocol at the beginning of your URL will make people less likely to hesitate to purchase your product or services. Also, search engines, such as Google, consider the SSL certificate as another positive ranking factor.

4.   Optimise your website for various screen sizes

Every SEO marketing strategy should acknowledge the increasing number of mobile device users compared to desktop users. Also, Google is now prioritising mobile-optimised sites in search results. This means your website should look good regardless of the screen size. To accommodate every possible device screen, make sure that you adjust your web design accordingly. 

5.   Make it easy for leads and customers to contact you

This is obvious enough. Clients will need your phone number or email to contact you and close that sale. Besides providing your contact details, you should also include simple forms on every page. You can then encourage visitors to give their information by using recognisable and clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

6.   Ensure a fast loading website

A website that can load in three seconds or less is more likely to enjoy a quick sale. It enhances the user experience and also improves your search ranking. However, if your website’s loading speed is slower than three seconds, you might lose half of your potential sales.

7.   Use the ‘About Us’ page to advertise your brand

If you sell products, many of your potential customers will likely spend more time researching your company. They want to know who you are and why they should choose you over the competition. An ‘About Us’ page can help customers learn more about you. Springhill Marketing also recommends adding some staff photos and a short brief bio.

8.   Create and optimise your GMB listing

If you’re a local business, it’s crucial to have a Google My Business (GMB) profile. Once Google verifies your listing, you can optimise it by adding your company logo and other relevant content, including images.

9.   Ask for reviews and post them

Reviews are vital for business websites. This is why you should encourage your visitors to leave reviews. It’s a simple strategy that should be an integral part of any SEO campaign.  You should also obtain video reviews from long-time customers or influencers. Such social proof can convince your target audience of your credibility and trustworthiness. 

Take Away

These are some of the SEO strategies that help your site obtain the trust and patronage of potential customers. Although some of these tips may take time and effort to put into action, they can improve your ability to showcase your products and brand to as many people as possible. By combining these strategies, you can build your site’s reputation within your industry and target market.

While these tips are straightforward, it will also require significant effort and experience to conduct a sustainable digital marketing campaign. If you need help with the planning and implementation of these SEO strategies, consider reaching out to us at Springhill Marketing. Don’t hesitate to contact us, especially if you’re having difficulties with your SEO campaign.

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