16 Jun, 2021

Common Wix SEO Myths You Shouldn’t Believe


Unlike other content management systems (CMS), Wix lets you create your very own website without you having coding knowledge or experience. This is why Wix is often known as a popular solution for business owners who want to build an online space for their companies or establishments as quickly as possible. 

As you know, having a website is not enough to establish a solid online presence. You need to optimise your site for search engines to make it easier for your target audience to find you online. But is Wix SEO reliable and doable? 

Why You Should Ignore These Wix Myths

Are you an existing Wix user? Are you considering switching to a new CMS because of the numerous rumours you’ve heard about its SEO capabilities? If you are, you might want to reconsider your decision. At Springhill Marketing, we have compiled some of the most common myths about Wix and SEO you should stop believing. 

1. Google prefers websites built on WordPress and other major CMSs

It is no secret that WordPress has the lion share when it comes to popular content management systems. However, this doesn’t mean that Google favours it over Wix and other similar site builders

When the search giant ranks a website, it doesn’t consider the CMS being used to manage its content. It is because there’s nothing on Google’s search algorithm that distinguishes websites according to their CMS. This means whether you’re using WordPress or Wix, your site will receive the same treatment from Google and other search engines. 

2. Wix isn’t Google-Friendly

There’s a pervading belief that simple site builders, such as Wix, are not Google-friendly. However, Google Developer Advocate Mariya Moeva immediately put the issue to rest. She even stressed that with Wix, site owners would see their webpages on search results as soon as they upload them. 

As we pointed out earlier, your choice of CMS doesn’t matter to Google. If you want your site to rank well on search results, you have to make sure that it complies with the search giant’s webmaster guidelines. Also, you must provide your target audience with relevant and useful content. 

3. Wix URLs aren’t “rankable”

Here’s another Wix SEO myth you shouldn’t believe: Google refuses to rank Wix’s URLs because they are messy. Indeed, the search giant prefers organised URLs that contain relevant keywords. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t crawl URLs that are their complete opposite. 


Also, you’ll be happy to know that Wix has already addressed its issue with long URLs and hashbangs. Similar to WordPress, you can now edit and customise your pages’ permalinks. This allows you to incorporate your focus keywords in your URLs and make your webpages more search engine-friendly. 


Show site speed of wix site

4. Wix websites are slow

With page loading speed being a crucial ranking factor, many business owners are concerned that using Wix to build and manage their sites will put them at a disadvantage. Indeed, Wix used to have speed issues. However, the development team behind the site builder has long since addressed the problem. 

If you’re still experiencing page loading time issues, you should consider upgrading from the free version to the one without the ads. This should help boost your site’s loading speed since the ads are usually the ones that slow down your site. 


Wix example

5. Wix sites aren’t rendered correctly on mobile devices

Having a mobile-friendly site is certainly an advantage to business owners. For starters, mobile-friendliness is a Google ranking factor. The more mobile-friendly your site is, the bigger your chance of ranking well on search results. Second, it contributes to more leads and sales. According to Google, 76% of people who conducted a mobile search ended up visiting a business within the day. Also, 28%of those searches resulted in purchases. 

Some business owners are reluctant to use Wix because they think it isn’t mobile-friendly. However, this is just a myth. Similar to sites made with major CMSs, Wix websites are optimised for mobile devices. You can also hire web developers to ensure that your site will be rendered properly regardless of the device your prospects are using to visit you. 

6. Wix SEO is expensive

Optimising Wix websites is far from being expensive. As mentioned earlier, you can build one without prior coding knowledge or experience. What’s more, digital marketing professionals like us at Springhill Marketing are offering cost-effective SEO solutions to help businesses obtain excellent search rankings. No matter how big or small your marketing budget is, you’d find an SEO expert who can help you optimise your Wix website for search engines. 

Always Seek the Truth

Always remember that your choice of CMS doesn’t have a bearing on your site’s SEO. Whether you’re using Wix, WordPress, or other major site builders to manage your website, what’s important is that you follow Google’s guidelines and provide content that your target audience will find valuable and relevant. 

Do you need help optimising your Wix website? We at Springhill Marketing are happy to assist you. Please speak with us today, and our team of friendly and highly experienced SEO experts will develop a bespoke optimisation plan just for you. 

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