1 Mar, 2021

Top 5 SEO-Friendly Website Builders for Your Northampton Business

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The majority of small business owners are well aware of the importance of having a website. However, many are hesitant to invest in one due to its perceived high costs. Fortunately, this is not true. You can have a fully functional site through the use of website builders.   

The importance of SEO in your website

Your website should be optimised for your intended audience. This means using local search engine optimisation strategies, which is a type of SEO that can help small to medium-sized businesses target prospective customers within a specific area. 

Essential SEO factors

SEO is a crucial tool for improving your site’s chances of appearing on Google. Here are some of the factors business owners should be aware of when it comes to SEO Northampton.

  1. Backlinks – These are external links that lead back to your website and help make your content credible. 
  2. Image alt text – These are the words that show on a webpage if the images fail to load. 
  3. Meta titles and meta descriptions – These are the titles and summaries that will show up on search engine results.
  4. Site speed and mobile-friendliness – Improving these factors will help provide a positive user experience.      
  5. Structured data – They make it easy for search engines, such as Google, to understand your website.
  6. URL – you can incorporate a keyword in your URL.

Since your website needs to address all these factors and more, the builder you choose should also have a strong SEO foundation. If not, then you’re wasting precious business resources.   

The website builder should make it easy for you to implement the latest SEO requirements. Therefore, when choosing a website builder, you should consider your onpage seo and local SEO strategy . We’ve listed the pros and cons of some popular website builders to help you make the smart choice.   

  • WordPress


  • Organized for SEO – The builder’s themes were designed to improve your site’s SEO rankings.
  • Customisation options – You can edit your own meta titles and descriptions most of the time.
  • Considered the No. 1 content management system in the world.
  • The options to add on, develop, and customise existing WordPress sites is unlimited.



  • Not very user-friendly interface – Unfortunately, its interface is not as intuitive as those of other builders with regards to website editing.  Because it can be easy to make mistakes with WordPress, we recommend seeking professional help when using this builder.
  • GoDaddy


  • SEO wizard – it’s a built-in tool that can fulfil some of your basic needs. This feature can also suggest target keywords for your business.


  • The cheapest plan can provide limited SEO functions. You’ll need sign up for the basic plan to use the builder’s SEO tools.  
  • Expensive – While this builder’s SEO services are adequate, they are not cheap. Also, you can only use all their features when you sign up for their most expensive plan.
  • It has fewer features compared to other builders, such as WordPress. It also lacks the ability to add on to the system to ensure maximum functionality.
  • Squarespace


  • More user control – This builder allows users to incorporate their own codes. This will help you implement advanced SEO techniques.
  • User-friendly interface – If you’re not inclined to do the coding, this tool is equipped with the simplest tools to function.


  • Not for SEO beginners – Other platforms can provide better SEO guides and tips. 
  • No specific app for SEO – While other builders offer SEO function apps, Squarespace doesn’t. 
  • Weebly


  • SEO dedicated app – This builder provides SEO tracking via an integrated app.
  • Customised URLs – you can create URLs for every webpage to improve your search engine ranking.



  • Un-editable product image alt-text – You can edit the alt-text for your regular images. However, this option isn’t available for e-commerce product images. 


  • No need to code – This builder keeps the SEO features simple and intuitive through its drag-and-drop editor. 
  • Built-in SEO features – there’s no need to download any app or widget. Most of the SEO features are built into the dashboard.


  • Complicated advanced features – The basic features are accessible because they are built into the builder. However, the more complicated stuff, such as structured data, isn’t included. You have to add it manually.
  • Limited user control – While the SEO feature is easy to use, the builder doesn’t offer editing controls.

Take Away

As a Northampton business owner, creating and maintaining a website is now essential to the growth of your business or company. You can use your website for marketing purposes and increase your sales. Setting up a website is now easier, thanks to the numerous website builders available today.

Creating and implementing a viable SEO strategy, however, is another matter entirely. If you have extensive knowledge of SEO tactics, many of the builders mentioned above can help in their implementation. However, if you need help, especially with local SEO, do contact us here at Springhill Marketing. Whatever builder you’re using, we can create a compatible SEO campaign that will suit your business and budget.     

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