26 Jun, 2020

Google Introduces May 2020 Core Algorithm Update

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With Google frequently updating its search algorithms, having an updated website is crucial to your success. Otherwise, you might miss out on opportunities or even incur penalties that could cause your search rankings to drop.

Case in point, the search giant just made significant changes to its search algorithms. Just recently, Danny Sullivan, Google’s Public Liaison for Search, has confirmed that they rolled out the second core update of 2020 (the first one was introduced in January). The update is called the “May 2020 Core Update,” and it went in effect on May 4.  The latest changes put to rest questions about whether the search giant would suspend core updates amidst the coronavirus disease outbreak.

What Does the May 2020 Core Update Mean?

Google’s broad core updates usually affect search results in all countries and languages. Most of the time, websites experience either an increase or decrease in search rankings when the search giant rolls them out.

Changes in search rankings are often due to content relevancy. If a piece of content becomes more relevant since the previous update, it will be ranked higher. Conversely, if the content has become less relevant, it will receive a lower search ranking.

Since the May 2020 Core Update is the first significant change in Google’s search algorithm since the COVID-19 pandemic, it would likely create dramatic changes to millions of websites across the globe. When Google updated its core algorithms in January, only a handful of people were looking up the terms “coronavirus” and “COVID-19.”

After the disease was declared a pandemic, the search giant revealed that it was the most searched topic in its history. COVID-19 has significantly affected the way people use Google to look for specific information online. The things that weren’t relevant before are now relevant, while search categories that were once highly relevant are receiving fewer search queries.

For instance, the number of searches about travel, live events, entertainment, and tourism has declined significantly. On the other hand, searches for information about the coronavirus, businesses offering remote services, and where to buy essentials online have gone up. 

Good News for SEO Specialists?

With the May 2020 Core Update predicted to be a bit more volatile than previous core updates, the services offered by SEO agencies are likely to be more in demand in the following days. As companies are expected to adjust their SEO strategies to make room for the changes brought about by the pandemic, the skills and expertise of SEO specialists such as Springhill Marketing would undoubtedly come in handy. 

Google’s Advice for Site Owners

Google’s advice has remained the same throughout its core updates. The search giant said there was nothing you need to fix if you notice a decline in your search rankings following the May 2020 Core Update.

However, there’s something you can do to prevent your search rankings from taking a massive hit after Google makes significant changes to its search algorithms. You have to offer the best piece of web content that you can and ensure that it is always relevant and of high quality. You can check out our guidelines on creating quality web content. 

Always be Ready for Core Updates!

Google is known for modifying its search algorithms throughout the year to ensure that users will get the most relevant and most accurate search results possible. However, the search giant doesn’t announce when the updates would take place exactly. In most cases, you’ll only know of it on the day the update is rolling out.

For this reason, it’s best to always be prepared. At Springhill Marketing, we have a team of SEO experts who can optimise your web content for search engines, ensuring that your site is always ready for the next Google core update. Please speak with us today!

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