White Label SEO Services for Agency Owners


When we’re looking after your client’s SEO, they benefit from our unrivalled SEO expertise whilst you receive growing monthly revenues and happy clients.

We work with agency owners just like you...

Web Design Agencies

Add precious high-profit recurring income to your web design services, start offering SEO today. If you already provide SEO, we can help you to cut costs and improve results.

Marketing Agencies / Consultants

Your clients will gain consistent, high-quality hot leads and sales. If you don’t fancy white labelling, you may want to consider our referral scheme (more details below).

Graphic Designers

Whilst you focus on perfecting the design and messaging, we’ll do the SEO and drive much-needed traffic to your client’s sites.


Social Media Agencies

Organic search traffic perfectly compliments Social Media activity. With SEO, your clients will start gaining leads and sales from those who are actively searching for their services / products.

PPC Agencies

With SEO, your PPC clients will now be able to gain from a balanced two-pronged approach. SEO adds higher volumes of traffic without needing to pay for each click.

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How reselling SEO will work for your agency

And why you should choose us

100% done for you

Your level of involvement is entirely up to you. Some clients like to be super hands-on and others simple copy and paste our emails across to their clients. Either way, you can rest assured that we have the in-house resource needed to provide the full SEO service that your clients need to succeed.

Trust and privacy

For our clients, trust is everything. Our shared NDA protects you and ensures that your client never learns of our existence. You’re in safe hands since we’re 100% transparent and share everything with you.

Results to dream of

Our SEO will concrete your client relationships. When the traffic and ranks are rising, and your client’s website starts spitting our leads or sales, you’ll be gaining a hell of a lot of praise, repeat work and recommendations. Of course, this is our #1 aim, the happier your clients are, the better for all!

SEO talent

We don’t like to brag (haha), but doing SEO right is just not easy. It takes a great deal of time and effort, but most of all it takes knowledge and skill. Our team have all been knee-deep in algorithms and metadata for 10 years plus, we’ve seen and done it all. We know what it takes to get the dial shifting and to win the Google game.

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The nuts and bolts

Of course, we cover the lot, but here’s a starter list of what our white label SEO service includes…

SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

seo keyword research

Keyword Research

Competitor & Market Analysis

Competitor & Market Analysis

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO

Landing Page Creation

Landing Page Creation

Conversion Optimisation & Tracking

Conversion Optimisation & Tracking

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Content Writing

Content Writing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Quality Backlink Building

Quality Backlink Building

Monthly Reports

Monthly Reports

Dedicated SEO Account Manager

Dedicated Account Manager

Outreach Guest Posts

Outreach Guest Posts

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google My Business

Google My Business

Local Citations

Local Citations

Social Signals

Social Signals

Talk to our SEO Reseller team today…

We manage your client campaigns to ensure you gain the most whilst paying the least.

Results your clients can expect in just 3 months

SEO Company Results


Increase in Enquiries / Sales

Google Ranking Increase


Improvement in Organic Traffic


Increase in Conversion Rate

Crockwell Testimonial

"We have experienced a significant increase in relevant enquiries since using their services and now consider their work an essential component to our marketing strategy.”

Amy Cox – Crockwell, Daventry Northamptonshire

Dragons Dents

"I have seen a dramatic increase in converted leads and the phone has been going off more than ever"

Leon Kyte – Dragons Dents, Daventry, Northamptonshire

Promotions The Entertainment Specialists

"We would have no hesitation recommending these SEO services to anyone. With the increased enquiries we are getting higher sales rates which is what we all want."

Elliot Starmer – ES Promotions, Kettering Northamptonshire

Testimonial Pics Craig

"We asked Springhill Marketing to help us to bring in more client leads. Since, we have had a substantial amount of increased traffic and new business leads.”

Craig Vallance – Create Recruitment, Corby Northamptonshire

Set Your Mind Free

"Since employing you to advertise my business on Google I have seen the number of client enquiries rising by 25%+."

Leigh Adley – Set Your Mind Free, Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire


“I’ve worked with a few marketing companies over the years, but none have provided a higher ROI or as many business enquiries as Springhill Marketing. I highly recommend their work.”

James Baird – Apexia, Market Harborough Leicestershire

We Are SSG

"The knowledge of the team is outstanding …and I can honestly say we wouldn’t have got there without them."

Laura Mould – SSG Recruitment, Hertfordshire

"I’ve found Springhill Marketing very knowledgeable, professional and easy to deal with. They take their time to understand your company objectives, what your overall strategy is and how their services can help you fulfil your business plan."

Mark Perkins – Mark2 Solutions, Kettering Northamptonshire

"If you want sound advice, a friendly service – where nothing is too much trouble and results that are really mustard then Springhill Marketing is the only way to go for your Digital Marketing."

Caroline Nall – Crest Publications, Kettering Northants

Wellingborough Door Company

"I can highly recommend Springhill Marketing. Providing us with Online Marketing, SEO and Google Adwords services for many years, they’ve dramatically increased our website traffic, new business enquiries and sales."

Steve Bendon – Wellingborough Door Company, Northampton


"We've worked with several SEO companies over the years, but none blew my mind like this team. I can see why the name Mr. Anderson is synonymous with the Matrix!"

Sam Sayer – Creative Director of Detype in Kettering

Your Privacy is Paramount…

shush gif

We ‘white label’ our SEO services to agencies; this means our partnership and involvement is not be disclosed. We take this very seriously and will provide your agency with just the same assurances.

We’ll sign NDAs and would never approach your clients. In fact, your growing relationship with your clients is what’s most important to us, we want your clients to be blown away with the results we produce, and we’ll happily let your agency take all the credit. 🙂


We know how to keep shtum!

Rocket graphic

Start reselling SEO to your clients from as little as…

£630 per month

What profits can you expect to make out of reselling SEO?

I think you’re going to like this part… That’s because the potential for profit reselling our SEO services is great. In fact, many of our agency clients add as much as 200-300% margin on to the fees we charge them. Of course, how much you charge your client is entirely up to you, only you know which clients have pots full of cash and which ones don’t. What we can safely say is that our fees are incredibly competitive and super valuable, so you can confidently add anywhere from 20%+ to our prices with absolute confidence that your client is getting a great deal.

Example SEO Prices

Springhill Marketing offers bespoke SEO solutions, and because each business has it’s own requirements.  Therefore we also provide bespoke SEO packages to meet your needs.  These packages are of a typical monthly investment.

Bespoke Packages

From £1,449+ /Month

No matter your situation we can build a bespoke SEO solution to best suit your needs.

We work with you to identify exactly what will make the biggest impact to your marketing efforts and bottom line.

How our SEO Process works

First, we will learn about how your business works and understand your specific needs.  

We have worked with many different businesses, so we are sure to quickly get a grip on what SEO strategies will work for you.  We will make sure to understand your target market, top competitors, current marketing strategies and difficulties, and of course, your goals.

We will analyse your competitors to know the techniques that they use and reverse engineer and create a plan for us to achieve.

We provide a careful keyword research procedure that will get us the best keywords for us to use in our optimisation strategies.

To make sure that your website is set up for SEO is an essential factor for success.

We will analyse your website’s content and code, and we find issues, our team can provide all the help you need, but you can, of course, use your own team to work on the required changes.

Most of the time, any website changes are only for Google to see, this helps provide them with the best content.

We will work on your website so that it will be trusted as the authority for your target keywords.

This is achieved by having high-quality content within your website and other web properties.  This is a well-known strategy that will make your website high up the search engine ranks.

We know that results are what really matters in the end.

As our SEO strategies are very effective, results are usually quick, especially if your website never had any SEO work.  Every month, we will send a report with all the details like live search rank, improvements, organic traffic, and other significant statistics.

30 day SEO Northampton ranking promise badge

Hate the idea of having to deal with client-related SEO communications?

Would you prefer to be 100% ‘hands-off’ and simply refer SEO enquiries over to us to deal with?

If reselling SEO is not really what you want to be doing, you can still gain significant recurring monthly income by referring your clients and contacts directly to us.

With our SEO referral scheme, you’ll receive 10% of our monthly fee directly into your bank account, for up to 12 months.

Many agencies are referring multiple clients to us and are now earning large monthly commissions each month.

30 day SEO Northampton ranking promise badge

Our No-risk SEO Promise

We take SEO deadly seriously, that’s why we have the confidence that our techniques will work!

We promise that your client will have improved Google rankings or organic traffic within the first 30 days of us working together or we will work until they do, for free!

As you know, trust is everything in marketing, so we recommend you extend this same guarantee to your clients and see the sales pour in.

White Label SEO FAQ’s

What is white label SEO?

Simply put, it’s outsourcing the SEO services you provide to your clients to a specialist SEO agency, like us! 

What is an SEO Reseller?

An SEO Reseller is an SEO expert who provides their services to other agencies (example: design, development, and marketing agencies) who resell them to their clients.

Do you also resell / white label PPC services?

Yes, we do. We also white-label Google Ads / Adwords search, remarketing and display advertising services.

How do you deal with client communications?

With white labelling you’ll effectively act as the middle-person. We’ll send you the updates and any requirements and you’ll forward these to your client. The client will never know we are involved. For other tasks like web design or web development, we refer these back to you.

How long will it take to rank our client’s sites?

The amount of time will vary with each client / website but we’ll make sure to kickstart our services ASAP so they see the results and ROI sooner.

The results take time, but with SEO long-lasting results are what really matters.

While it may take a few months to reach page 1 or position 1, you’ll see organic traffic and ranking improvement within 1 month of us start.

Can you provide projections on enquiries, sales and ROI?

Yes, 100%! Given enough data, we can quite accurately project results. Data to us is everything, we do everything we can to get the data we need, it enables us to provide consistent results.

Do you provide technical SEO?

Yes, technical SEO is incredibly important for SEO success, our services include:

  • SEO audits
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Site speed optimisation
  • Duplicate content optimisation
  • XML sitemaps
  • Site structure development
  • and so much more!
What will I need to do?

Honestly, not a great deal, we do all we can to cover all requirements, however, there are a few things we need your involvement in such as:

  • Offer / sell in SEO services to your clients
  • Forward all communications to your clients
How much margin can I add to your white label services?

You get billed with a 10% discount off of our usual prices, but you then decide exactly how much you invoice your clients for. Our fees are particularly on the lean side, so most agencies add a significant margin on top of our fees, some as much as 200%.

How much does white label SEO cost?

Officially it won’t cost you anything right? You are making a mark-up on our monthly fees, so it’s just profit street for you! But I guess that’s not really what you are asking, you want to know how much per month our monthly fees are before you add your mark-up. The answer to this depends on your client, the site’s current SEO standing and how competitive the market is. The straight answer is that costs start at £350 per month.

Do you only work with agencies based in the UK?

No way José, we also have clients in Europe and the US and we’re open to working with clients all over the globe. The internet is a clever thing 🙂

My agency has never offered SEO before can you guide us on selling SEO?

Absolutely, we can guide you in everything you need to know about selling SEO. Think of us as your in-house SEO team. We have templates and guides, drop us a line / call and we’ll spill our guts.

Would you work with other SEO agencies?

Yes 100%, we work with other SEO agencies all the time. We can either take on your whole service or just act as an overflow.

Can you provide an SEO Audit?

Yes, that’ll be our pleasure. Let’s start by having a quick call to discuss your client and needs and we’ll be able to provide an audit from there.

What SEO tools do you use?

Blimey, it’s a long list are you sure you want to know? I guess you are trying the judge if we know our stuff and move with the time? Rest assured we use all the usual tools to help save us time and provide the most useful SEO insights. That’ll be tolling such as:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google My Business
  • Google Search Console
  • Ahrefs
  • Moz
  • SEMRush

The list goes on!

What backlink building methods do you use?

We use a very diverse mix of backlink types. Our backlink methods are white hat and perfect quality match for Google’s expectations. Guest posts are a large part of what we do, we also diversify the backlink profile to make things are as natural as possible.

Will we be provided with a list of backlinks you build each month?

Yes, wherever possible, you’ll have access to guest post backlinks being built for your review before getting posted. We believe that transparency and communication is the key to our successful partnership. You’ll get monthly itemised lists of actions, nothing is hidden in our agency 🙂

What SEO reporting do you provide?

We customise SEO reports to your particular client needs. We also brand it according to your agency look and feel. We can provide whatever metrics you want to be included in the report. Generally, we provide a monthly report but we can make them weekly or ad-hoc based on your needs.

The reports will include everything like Google analytics, backlink profiles, ranking reports etc, etc.

Can you work with websites that have received a Google penalty?

Absolutely, even if your site had previously been subjected to spammy or black hat SEO tactics we can help improve your positioning, trust, and authority with Google.

Can you help us to remove or disavow spammy links?

Yes. One of our key onboarding processes is to check for low-quality or spammy links. We review all links and then actively disavow any that are harming your SEO results.

What content management systems (CMS) do you work with?

We work with as good as all CMS’s, but the majority of our clients use WordPress. We know WordPress inside-out, in fact, we love it, it is great for SEO.

We want to retain control of any required website alterations or developments, is this OK?

Yes, that’s fine, whatever approach you wish to take works for us. Our #1 aim is to help grow your client relationships and provide you with more profit.

Do you outsource your SEO service to other companies?

No. We fulfil all our SEO work in-house. We got a talented and experienced team of SEO experts.

What size of SEO projects can you work on?

We work with SEO projects in all shapes and sizes. Generally, we can work with almost any SEO budget. We’re very competitive so there’s always enough room for our agency clients to add-on a healthy markup. We can work on both small and huge SEO budgets.

Do you provide local SEO services?

Yes, local SEO is very popular and we love it. We can often provide some very quick results that will blow your client’s undies off.

Do you advise on landing pages and conversion optimisation?

Yes, we offer our expertise on all SEO related matters including landing pages and conversion optimisation. Our team can even take care of this part of the process for you, and at no extra fee. However, if you prefer to deal with this yourself as it is a chargeable service, then that’s fine too.

Do you provide SEO keyword research and strategy?

Yes, keyword research and strategy is very important indeed. Getting this right is essential, and it is often this part that we see being doing wrong time and time again.

Do you perform competitor SEO analysis?

Competitor research and analysis is absolutely key. Knowing what the competition is up to and how you compare provides us with a road map to what needs to be done. Essentially we take a gap analysis approach and it is VERY powerful!

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We manage your client campaigns to ensure you gain the most whilst paying the least.

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