12 May, 2021

Quick SEO Tips That Can Boost Your Conversion Rate

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Traffic to your website is useless if you can’t convert those visitors. What can you do about it? Here are a few tricks that can aid you in convincing your audience to try your products or services so you can boost your conversion rate.

1.   Form Fields

When asking for information from your visitors, request as few details as possible. For example, when creating an opt-in email form, only ask for their email address if possible. Whenever you request information from visitors, make sure that it’s essential for your marketing outreach.

2.   Testimonials and Reviews

Visitors like testimonials and reviews because they represent social proof and make them feel at ease when using a new product or service. A Zendesk study also discovered that almost 9 out of 10 people are likely to buy a product if it receives plenty of positive reviews. Whenever possible, present customer reviews on your product landing pages and opt-in email pages.

3.   Benefits

Listing the benefits of your product or service is an excellent way to persuade prospects to buy. Increase your chances of closing the sale by telling them how exactly the product will solve their problems or satisfy their needs.

However, if your product has various competitors, it’s critical that you stand out. You can do this by providing a clear value proposition to your potential customers. Tell them what makes yours different or why it’s better than other similar products.

As for the content, write it as if you’re telling a fantastic story that will make the reader excited about your product. Use language filled with positive emotions to encourage readers to take action.

However, you need to ensure that your audience understands what you’re talking about. If not, readers will likely leave if you’re using a language that’s either too obscure or too simplistic for them. A readability scoring tool will help you match your content with the target readers.

To boost your conversion rate, you can also create short and long copies of your content and test which of them will obtain the highest response from the readers.

Furthermore, consider offering a chat option to answer any concerns and questions from your potential customers.

4.   Headlines

Your headline is considered an essential piece of your landing page. Don’t hesitate to brainstorm possible titles but make sure to select the strongest one. An excellent title should be able to attract and persuade people to read your content.

5.   Videos

Creating even a simple video and incorporating it into the landing page can help people put a human face on your brand. 

6.   Call-to-Action

Call-to-actions are useful if you use a language that will urge people to do something. For example, you can use phrases such as:

  • Grab this opportunity now
  • Buy now
  • Get it here
  • Subscribe
  • Reserve your slot

Don’t be stingy with your CTA. Consider including them into every part of your content. Use them to tell visitors what exactly to do next, such as:

  • Click this button
  • Read this blog
  • Fill this form

Studies also show that CTAs are more effective as buttons rather than links. Buttons are easier to spot and they are clickable, especially with mobile users.

You may have to test a variety of CTA buttons using different action words, colours, and even sizes to see which will perform best with your audience.

7.   Visitor engagement

While it’s essential to engage your visitors, avoid using hype to promote your products. Most customers are too smart to fall for such tactics. Instead, focus on creating content that’s both clear and compelling to aid visitors in buying your products or services to boost your conversion rate.

Provide your visitors with every relevant detail about your product, including:

  • The features and benefits
  • What does your product look like or a description of your service
  • Possible uses
  • Who will benefit most from your products or services
  • How are the products delivered

When you create a landing page, remove any part that could possibly distract your prospective customers. This includes navigation bars and even other CTAs. Landing pages are created for only one purpose – to persuade visitors to take one particular action.

8.   Colours and Images

A single colour can mean different things to various people. For instance:

  • Blue can have a calming effect
  • Red can indicate stress, danger or anger

You’ll need to test a variety of colour palettes to determine which ones are best for conversion.

For your web images, avoid using generic or stock photos since it could damage your brand’s reputation. Instead, use only professional and high-quality pictures. If possible, you can include images of happy or smiling people. SEO experts believe that such photos can increase your conversion rate.

You can also use images and colours to direct your visitors to the landing pages. However, take care when using these visual cues. For example, garishly coloured arrows may turn off some of your visitors. 


A boost in your online traffic should also mean an increase in your visitor conversion. Through onpage SEO checklist, this goal is achievable. Carefully plan the headlines you’re going to use since it can persuade readers to click your link or stay longer on your website. Once they have landed on your pages, use your content, including colours and images, to gain their trust. You can then nudge them to take action using solid and clear CTAs. The best way to convince them is to tell how your products can solve their problems.

If you need help in the planning and implementation of your SEO strategies, consider contacting us here at Springhill Marketing. We can provide any SEO assistance required by your website.

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