Why It’s so important for business growth


Google needs to be at the top of your digital marketing plan. In this video, I explain why Google is so important, and reveal what makes Google so different and the reason why you need to get your Search Engine Marketing up and running before you spend a penny on other traditional or online marketing options.

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Okay, hello and here’s another chilly morning in the midlands I quickly wanted to take you through Search Engine Marketing and why it’s so important for small business growth.

Why Search Engine Marketing is important?

Search engine marketing we’re all talking about Google search, basically, and getting your business found on Google when people are searching for your services or products or offers. So this is so important for small businesses, large businesses and enterprise businesses because of one single thing, and it’s a game-changer, and you have to consider this when you’re choosing your marketing channels and that thing is intent.

Those people who are searching on Google have an intent

Those people who are searching on Google to find a solution to their issue and act on it. They’re looking to find you. and your business, your offering and it’s really important that you put yourself and your business in line to be found when people are searching, otherwise you’re missing out on the low hanging fruits. You’re missing out on the hottest prospects available to you so it’s really really important that you’re being found on Google whether that’s through search engine optimisation and the organic listings or it could be a Google Ads the Sponsored Ads you can find on Google, either way, make sure that you’re there making the most of the opportunity that Google and the other search engines, such as Bing provide for business growth, get that sorted make the most of the opportunity and then move on to other marketing channels. This is the most important one for you to consider for any business starts up, the more established business.

Choosing between Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ads

So to finish this, just a quick note on trying to choose between search engine optimisation and Google Ads. I’ve produced a video recently covering this subject so check that out it’s a recent blog post on our website or check out our Facebook page or youtube channel, all the videos are there so check it out consider your options make sure that you’re taking intent within your marketing really really seriously. Make the most of this opportunity.

Need help with getting your business found on Google?

Let us know if you need any help in regards to getting your business found on Google good luck with everything leave your comments below this video. Ask any questions about making choices or of future subjects you want me to talk about these videos and speak to you soon.

Good luck! Bye.

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