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FAQs about White Label SEO Services

FAQs About White Label SEO Services

Do you want to expand your agency’s service offerings without spending time, money, and effort on teaching SEO to your staff? Then, it would be best if you considered signing up for our white label SEO services here at Springhill Marketing. Teaming up with a white label agency that offers search engine optimisation solutions is the smartest and most convenient way to grow your business. By outsourcing your SEO projects to a trusted third-party company like us, you can attract new clients and obtain new income streams that will help ensure the growth and success of your creative/digital marketing agency.

What to Ask a White Label SEO Agency

Keep in mind that the SEO services you or your client will receive will mostly depend on the white label agency you’ll choose. Therefore, you must ask the right questions to ensure that you’ll get the best service possible.

1. What are the services you offer?

It’s essential to know what you can expect from your chosen SEO reseller. By knowing what the agency is capable of, you can plan and make an informed business decision. 

Some white label agencies only provide on-page optimisation services, while others also perform link building. Other resellers also offer related services, such as paid search marketing, web design and development, and local search optimisation. Make sure to know what you need and what the agency can offer so you won’t be disappointed.

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2. How much does your service cost?

You must also determine how much an agency is charging for their SEO services. By doing so, you can decide if their SEO solutions fit your budget. 

A quick tip, though. To make sure that you won’t get stiffed by a dishonest agency, consider researching the average price of white label SEO services. If the price offered to you is too high, find out what’s included in the service to warrant such a huge cost. On the other hand, don’t immediately hire the company if their pricing is significantly lower than average. Always remember that if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

3. How do you adapt to changes in Google’s algorithm?

It is no secret that Google often modifies its search algorithms. For this reason, it’s vital to determine how your chosen white label agency responds to changes in Google. 

You should ask the agency if they have operating procedures in place whenever the search giant updates its algorithms. It’s even better if they can show you a proof of their readiness and the different strategies they use to obtain excellent results. If they don’t make any effort to update their strategy after a Google update, it’s unlikely they can offer you the kind of white label SEO services you require.

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4. How do you measure results?

The white label SEO firm must know how to measure success. This will help you determine if their services are working for you. Unfortunately, not all SEO resellers have systems in place when it comes to measuring results. 

Before you settle for a particular agency, you should determine how they measure their efficiency. Identify the metrics and key performance indicators they use to determine success. Also, make sure their definition of progress is the same as yours. This way, you can know for sure if they are indeed helping you achieve your goals.


5. What are your strategies for improving brand awareness and search rankings?

You must also determine what their strategies are for improving a website’s online visibility and search rankings. When doing your research, make sure the agency utilises only white hat and Google-approved SEO strategies. Otherwise, your client’s website could be in trouble. 

Also, be wary of companies that promise to increase your search rankings in a very short period. SEO is an ongoing process, and it usually takes a significant amount of time to get the results you’re expecting. If the company tells you that they can boost a site’s search rankings in just a few days or weeks, you’re probably better off hiring someone else.

6. What is your communication style?

Communication is vital in any relationship. For this reason, your chosen partner should always be willing to communicate with you. Make sure they don’t just send you generic emails or machine-automated answers. There should be a living, breathing human being you can talk to and who can answer your call whenever you require assistance. 

When interviewing a prospective agency, find out how they communicate with their clients and how often. Also, make sure they will send you all the necessary progress reports, so you’ll know what they are currently working on.

7. Can you guarantee a No. 1 ranking on Google?

This is perhaps one of the questions you should always ask when working with an SEO agency because how a company answers it is an indication of their honesty and integrity. Google said no one can guarantee a No. 1 ranking on the popular search engine. It is because as mentioned earlier, Google’s search algorithms are always changing. Also, no one knew precisely the formula for ranking first on Google except for the search giant itself. 

If the agency tells you that they can make your or your client’s website rank first on Google, you should consider looking elsewhere. It’s either they are looking to take advantage of you, or they are using SEO strategies that could result in a Google penalty.

8. What is the payment schedule?

Aside from the cost of signing up for white label SEO services, you’d also want to know what the initial term is and when payments will be due. As discussed earlier, communication is essential in any relationship. You’d want to be as upfront as possible with your SEO partner. By asking this question, you can help ensure that missed payments won’t cause problems between you, your end clients, and your chosen white label SEO provider.

9. Do you require a white label agency in the Age of AI?

AI technology can play a role in digital marketing; enhancing, instead of replacing the need for human expertise and insight. AI may be better in data analysis and pattern recognition but cannot fully replicate human judgment and creativity. Human oversight is crucial, even with advanced AI, as AI systems require professional guidance for complex data interpretation, strategic decision-making, and creative input. 

When choosing a white label agency, selecting one that effectively combines AI with human intelligence is essential. Such a synergy between AI and human expertise is critical to achieving optimal outcomes in digital marketing, ensuring innovative and market-responsive services.

Choose the Best White Label SEO Company

Making the necessary enquiries is one of the best ways to gauge the ability and readiness of a white label SEO provider to help you. As such, you should ask the questions above to ensure that you’ll only get the best white label SEO solutions. 

At Springhill Marketing, we have built a solid reputation for providing high-quality white label SEO services. With top-notch skills and extensive experience, we can help you provide your clients with excellent search engine optimisation solutions. Check out our white label SEO services today.

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