23 Apr, 2021

How to Achieve Google Ads Success on a Tight Budget

Google Ads

One of the most common misconceptions about Google Ads is that you’ll need a sizable marketing budget to get the results you want. Smaller brands and businesses, in particular, believe that similar to hiring a traditional advertising company, they need to spend more money to get this marketing platform working for them.

However, this could never be farther from the truth. What makes Google Ads attractive and beneficial, especially for small businesses, is that you can make them work for you even on a shoestring budget. While having more funds to spend can indeed help, it is not an absolute requirement to get the results you’re looking for. 

Do you have a small marketing budget but want to try this advertising platform for your business? Don’t fret. Here’s how you can achieve Google Ads success despite having limited funds. 

1. Look for the right keywords

It is a given that you should use keywords that are relevant to your business in your campaigns. However, if you want the best results with Google Ads on a shoestring budget, you should also look for keywords that are high in volume and intent, but low in competition.

It may take some time before you can find keywords with these specific characteristics, but your efforts are certainly worth it since they can provide you with a great way to connect with your prospects. For instance, let’s say you’re selling sports shoes. Instead of using the broad search term “sport shoes” in your ads, you might want to consider using more specific keywords, such as “basketball shoes” or “tennis shoes.”

These keywords have higher search intent than the more general term “sports shoes” because they are more specific. Also, they usually have a lower cost-per-click (CPC). More importantly, the people using these keywords in their search are more likely to buy than those who utilise more general terms in their search query. 


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2. Go for smaller ad groups

Smaller ad groups that utilise fewer keywords are also highly recommended for those with a limited marketing budget. Instead of using every keyword you think your prospects will use in their queries, you should run smaller yet more focused Google Ads campaigns. This will boost your ads’ relevancy. The more relevant your ads are, the bigger the chance Google will increase your ad ranking or impression share, even if your bid is not as high as the competition. 

3. Run A/B Tests

Testing is a vital part of all marketing campaigns. After all, how will you know if a particular strategy works if you don’t test it? Also called “split testing,” A/B tests allow you to determine which approach, keyword group, or ad content resonates well with your target audience.

You might think that running tests can add to your expenses. After all, you’re using your budget to see what works instead of choosing a specific approach and then optimising that as you go along. However, while this may be true, running A/B tests can prevent you from making costly mistakes in the future. At the same time, they help ensure that you’ll get a higher return on investment by helping you run more effective and more compelling ads. 


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4. Set bids to manual

To minimise your Google Ads expenses, you should set your bids to manual. This enables you to determine how much you’re willing to spend on your ads. Setting your bids to manual gives you more control over your campaign. What’s more, you can do this in each campaign. For example, if the CPC is higher on certain high-value keyword groups, you can raise their bid limit and then reduce those of the other ad groups to obtain better results. 

5. Consider running a remarketing campaign

Another way to achieve Google Ads success is remarketing. In a nutshell, remarketing allows you to reconnect with people who visited your site before but didn’t take your desired conversion action.  It enables you to position your ads in front of your audience and remind them to sign up or make a purchase as they use Google or visit other sites. This strategy is worth considering because remarketing has the advantage of being cost-effective yet highly profitable.

The reason for this is very simple. Because they have previously interacted with your site in some way, the people seeing your remarketing ads are already familiar with your brand. Based on how these people interacted with you before, you can create more relevant campaigns that would entice them to click your ads and purchase your services. 

Don’t Let Your Limited Budget Discourage You

One of Google Ads’ most significant benefits is that it allows you to promote your business despite having a limited marketing budget. With the right strategies, you can obtain excellent results, allowing you to expand your client base and grow your business.

If you want to obtain optimum results with Google Ads while keeping your costs low, we are happy to help. At Springhill Marketing, we will create a Google Ads strategy tailored specifically for your needs and budget. Contact us today to get started.

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